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Duck egg blue is a popular choice for bedrooms for good reason. Not only is it romantic and pretty but cool and calming too. This adaptable bedroom colour scheme is available as a variation of either pale green or pale blue and is a step up from white yet remains subtle enough to dominate a space even when used liberally. Its name is taken quite literally from its resemblance to the tone produced on the egg shells of certain breeds of poultry and exotic birds.

A more chic term often used for duck egg is ‘Eau De Nil’ which translates from French to ‘Water of the Nile’, so reflects the calming watery green hues of the majestic Africa River.

Described in the dictionary as a pale blue-ish green when teamed with certain complementary or contrasting colours you can bring out various shades of the versatile shade to create an array of moods in your bedroom.

For instance, by teaming the watery colour with crisp white you allow the colour to really pop and which brings out an a refreshing aqua tone turning your bedroom into an energising space full of well-being.

Alternatively by pairing duck egg with warmer neutrals like taupe, cream or truffle the combination takes on a cosy bearing that can be enhanced with plenty of textures.
Or, why not create timeless elegance by adding chalky shades of pink and grey to the mix.

The soft soothing tone of duck egg blue, with its elements of both blue and green can create a calm and content space with a sense of well-being perfect for a room where you need to unwind and recharge for the next day. Take a look at our gallery of beautiful duck egg bedrooms.

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