Create an organised larder

Follow our top tips for an orderly kitchen larder

The practical and nostalgic kitchen feature is back in fashion. Keep your larder as organised as your mother would and gain it’s full benefit.

• Group together the following and allocate a shelf for each:


Dry ingredients


Teas and coffees

Spreads and sauces

Herbs and spices

Oils and condiments

• The products you use the most should be placed in the middle shelves so you’re neither having to bend down or reach up to what you need.

• If you cook recipes from scratch nothing beats not having to fight with packaging each time you weigh and measure – so decant dry ingredients into Tupperware containers. This way they’ll keep fresher longer.

• Put tins in rows from front to back of the cupboard, labels facing forwards, so you can see from the front of the cupboard what you have without rummaging at the back.

• When you re-stock, the new tins and packets go to the back of the row so that ingredients are used in date order.

Organise the rest of your house using our guide to de-clutter your home.

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