7 signs you're already living in your forever home

Face it, you're so crazy about your pad, you won't be saying goodbye to it anytime soon

Yes, there will always be one room that needs repainting and an out-of-date scheme that could do with a rethink, but if you love your home's character and location, it's a keeper. If the following statements ring true, chances are you've formed a lifelong bond with your home. Why move when you've already found true love?

1. You've installed a top-of-the-range kitchen

It's light, spacious, practical and stylish. You spent hours pondering over the best layout for your family and you spent big on fancy appliances. You made up your mind to stay when you chose those timeless stone worktops.

kitchen room with white walls and kitchen cabinets

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2. You've had bespoke storage built into the awkward spaces

If you like everything about your home, including its wonky walls and irregular features, you're head over heels. Built-in storage is essentially a gift to your property, as it will outlast your time together.

living room with fireplace and brown armchair

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3. You've never painted over the kids' height chart on the wall

If this applies to you, and your children flew the nest years ago, you're never leaving!

playroom with blackboard on wall

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4. You're using the spare bedroom as a hobby room

What do you mean your home office isn't the kitchen table? If you've got space to spare for a home studio or craft room, you're one lucky homeowner.

sewing room with flower in vase and table with chair

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5. The kitchen has a larder

Row upon row of storage. Spice racks aplenty. Pull-out drawers for veggies. A secret home for the toaster?? Man, you're leaving the dream.

kitchen room with kitchen cupboard

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6. You haven't converted the loft yet

You could create a whole new floor for another bedroom and en suite. Or a yoga studio. Or a library. Did someone say home cinema?

bedroom with bedside table

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7. It has a walk-in wardrobe

You're basically living in heaven. You're never going to top this place.

dressing room with clothes on purple shelves

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