Best house plants – our top picks for low light, clean air, bathrooms and easy care

Our line-up includes an unkillable house plant that will survive even next to a radiator

Looking after plants can seem really scary if you’re new to it, or have had a bad experience in the past. But then again, there are few things more satisfying than tending and nurturing a plant and seeing it flourish and grow. And we're about to make that process far less work for you, thanks to our friend Freddie Blackett, CEO and Co-Founder of Patch Plants.

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'Four of the most common questions I am asked are about unkillable plants, ones that will survive without much daylight, what can go in a bathroom, and which plants are best for air purification,' he reveals. Here's Freddie's quick guide to the best house plants to solve those leafy conundrums.

Best house plants

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Patch Plants Susie the Sanservieria snake plant in white pot on wooden stand next to another house plant

(Image credit: Patch Plants)

1. Patch Plants Susie the Sanservieria snake plant

Best house plant that's unkillable

'We've all been there,' says Freddie. 'You've picked up a beautiful plant from the market, brimming with luscious leaves. But a week later, after over/underwatering or sticking it by a radiator... it dies. You vow never to buy another, but your lust for botany makes you crave something else that comes without the maintenance.'

'Well, look no further than a hardy Sanservieria snake plant, a houseplant that genuinely appreciates a missed watering or two. She truly is the ultimate beginner's choice, tolerating shadier spots and perfect for the bedroom too. We call ours 'Susie' and it comes in three sizes.'

Buy now: Susie the Sanservieria snake plant, from £10, Patch Plants

Patch Plants Cassie the Zamioculas plant in grey plant pot

(Image credit: Patch Plants)

2. Patch Plants Cassie the Zamioculas plant

Best house plant for low light

'All plants eventually need some natural light to survive, but unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with sun-soaked spaces,' says Freddie. 'This doesn’t always mean that you can’t bring some plants into your space, though.'

'If you’re desperate to green up a shady spot there are a few options for you,' advises Freddie. 'One of our favourite choices is Cassie, our Zamioculas. She’s also known as the Eternity Plant thanks to her ability to survive in tough conditions, meaning she’ll happily put up with very little sunshine.'

Buy now: Cassie the Zamioculas plant, from £7.50, Patch Plants 

Patch Plants Rapunzel the Devil’s Ivy in a grey plant pot sitting on a bookshelf

(Image credit: Patch Plants)

3. Patch Plants Rapunzel the Devil's Ivy

Best house plant for clean air

Plants not only look great; some can even purify the air we breathe. Toxins produced by cleaning products and furnishings in our homes are a major cause of indoor air pollution; not ideal when city dwellers spend most of our time indoors. Introducing a flowing delicacy like the a Devil's Ivy, commonly known as a Golden Pothos, can transform the air quality of your home as well as green up your space with her trailing tresses. We've called ours Rapunzel for obvious reasons.

Buy now: Rapunzel the Devil's Ivy, £15, Patch Plants

Patch Plants Bertie the Boston fern sitting on top of a side table next to a sideboard with other house plants

(Image credit: Patch Plants)

4. Patch Plants Bertie the Boston fern

Best house plant for bathrooms

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The bathroom is often overlooked by the urban gardener, but it’s actually the perfect spot for a bit of greenery. Humidity-loving plants like Ferns feel right in at home in the steamy environment and they don’t mind a bit of shade either as it reminds them of their natural jungle habitat. And with space at a premium, find a high shelf for your plants to perch or, better still, let them trail and, voilà, your very own jungle oasis! Our top pick would be Bertie, the Boston fern.

Buy now: Bertie the Boston fern, from £3, Patch Plants

Hopefully, we've made your #plantgoals for 2024 a little easier to achieve.

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