This huge new bathroom trend is taking over Instagram

Turns out expensive beauty products are not the only things on display in our bathrooms...

Do you know about the trend for bathroom plants? If not, you clearly haven’t been following the right people on Instagram. The trend for houseplants in the bathroom is already set to to be one of the biggest of 2018, offering an affordable ‘quick fix’ bathroom makeover.

‘Everyone has witnessed the houseplant explosion over the last year – it’s infiltrated high-street stores, who are stocking everything from terrariums and succulents to ponytail palm trees, ‘explains Ciara Sheridan, Houseplants Buyer at Wyevale Garden Centres. ‘We’re now seeing savvy shoppers buying up to five or six houseplants in one go, instead of investing in soft furnishings and other home accessories.’

And it would seem those savvy shoppers are heading straight to the bathroom with them…

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Plants in baskets is another micro-trend for interiors, beautifully demonstrated in the bathroom above.

Stemming from the popular trend of ‘bringing the outdoors in’, Wyevale Garden Centres reported a strong growth in houseplants sold; cacti plants (up 18 per cent) and houseplant pots (also up 18 per cent), as well as foliage houseplants, citrus and bonsai varieties.

In addition to looking fabulous, houseplants are known to be good for our health in more ways than one. Firstly, they improve air quality by capturing airborne pollutants, and on another level they can reduce our stress levels.

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The above is the epitome of this fabulous new trend, the plants surround the bath like a jungle!

The bathroom is a key room where we need an extra chill factor. It’s the sanctuary of our homes, a place we can be alone for peace and quiet – to wash away the trials and tribulations of the day.

Simple succulents and scented candles make up all the ingredients for a serene bathroom vibe.

A small stool elevates this trailing plant perfectly. Another great decorative touch for bathrooms is displaying artwork – just make sure you have good ventilation, so not to ruin pieces with steam from hot showers.

A statement tree makes an impact in this elegant grey bathroom scheme

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This bathroom is full embracing the trend for plants, they are covering every spare surface and we LOVE it!

Colourful plants and feel-good artwork, what more could you ask for to cheer up your bathroom decor?

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A little imagination can go a long way, as beautifully demonstrated here by a ladder being used as a plant display. The ladder is securely fastened to the ceiling where the plants are suspended in hanging basket-style pots.

It’s up there for the most imaginative way to display bathroom plants – if recreating this look just make sure you secure everything safely! The last thing you want is a plant pot landing on your head and ruining a relaxing soak in the tub!

Trailing bathroom plants hanging from the wall lights are an excellent way to frame a bathroom mirror – especially a stunning French-style beauty!

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Why have one when you can have a whole corner of greenery?! A staggered display, at different heights and in coordinating concrete and metals plant pots, can create a striking feature of your bathroom plants.


If you can’t handle the real thing, you can buy some thoroughly good faux plants these days!

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This row of bathroom plants appears to be suspended from a towel rail, a great hanging idea.

If you weren’t a fan already, we hope these inspiring images have helped the trend for bathroom plants grow on you!

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