Angela Scanlon tells viewers to prepare for 'extraordinary homes' in Your Home Made Perfect Series 4

Here's what you need to know about the return of the VR-centric home reno show

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BBC's beloved home renovation show, Your Home Made Perfect, presented by Angela Scanlon returns tonight for its fourth series with even more tremendous transformations that'll have you on the edge of your seats.

The BBC show is unlike any other makeover show in the way that the contestant architects utilise virtual reality to showcase, transform, and change the lives of real individuals and families. Last year, Your Home Made Perfect's Julian Macintosh revealed to us a game-changing home renovation tip to always carry in our back pockets – and we haven't forgotten it since.

This year, in an interview with Ideal Home, we grilled Angela on what she's most excited about with the new series and what we, as viewers, should be keeping an eye out for.

Woman with red hair wearing pink patterned cardigan smiling

(Image credit: BBC2 / Your Home Made Perfect)

'I'm excited to be back, it feels like it's been forever doing this series and I'm really excited for people to see it. We've got eight brilliant episodes with a great range of budgets, homes, and properties,' presenter Angela Scanlon tells Ideal Home.

'In this series, we've upped the ante on the inspiration shoots. Based on the designs the architects have come up with for each home, they have taken me somewhere that's a big expression of whatever they're trying to do within that design – and we had an absolute ball.'

'That has been really lovely and gives the series a big feel. There's a little Extraordinary Homes vibe to it.'

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When asking Angela about any new themes to look out for in the series, she reveals, 'There's a barn house conversion which is unlike anything we've had in the series. We went to Canterbury Cathedral for the inspiration shoot and that's something you don't see every day.'

Angela continues, 'We've also got our first flat, like a sea view flat owned by Jill Halfpenny who's an actress and her son, so I think that was a nice change for us to be able to do smaller spaces that will hopefully inspire people who live in shared buildings and apartments to feel they can still put their stamp on it.'

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What people tend to forget with these home renovation and makeover shows is that these are real people's homes, therefore, there are many a thing we as viewers can also learn from them and take into our own day-to-day lives for a kitchen, living room, or bedroom redesign – even more so if you're building an extension on a house.

For Angela, she hopes viewers take on the realisation that you can take control of your space. 'What I've found over the last number of series is the sense of people having confidence in how they speak about their homes now, a kind of language that I think we've helped equip them with.'

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'They're braver in considering how they live and what works for them. I think that's because of the virtual reality. The risk is gone out of it, so they're able to go, 'I never would've thought of that.'

'On a plan, I don't think you could sell a lot of these things to a conservative couple in a 'normal' house, whereas when they see it they start to believe 'I could live in something that feels special and personal to me.' I think that's the lovely part of it for me.'

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Angela is especially excited about tonight's first episode showcasing the transformation of Yesim and Hasan's unassuming terraced family home in Enfield. 'I think what the architects have managed to do is insane. It's absolutely perfect.'

Series 4 of Your Home Made Perfect returns tonight, Tuesday 20th June, at 8pm and is available to watch on BBC Two and iPlayer.

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