What is the best Christmas tree size for a small room? This is how experts get it right every time

What Christmas tree experts do to pick the right tree size for a small space

A brightly decorated Christmas tree in a decorated living room
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Choosing the right-sized Christmas tree for your home can make or break not only your Christmas decor, but the balance and resulting feel of the room containing the said tree. This is especially true if you are working with a small room. But how do you determine the best Christmas tree size for a small room?

Whether you’re working with the best artificial Christmas tree or a real one instead, the size you get is very important. Yes, we know it's tempting to go all out on a 7ft tree on offer, but you don’t want to overwhelm the room with your tree, yet you also want it to make the maximum impact. And if your space is limited, then you have to be clever and very precise about your choices and think of some small living room Christmas decorating ideas.

In this situation, the tape measure is your best friend, but there are also a few other tips and tricks Christmas tree experts use themselves to get the perfect sized tree to create a seamless yet petite Christmassy space.

How to pick the best Christmas tree size for a small room?

While you might be getting swayed by the current Christmas tree trends, first and foremost, you should consider the actual space and room you’re working with. And choose the place where you put a Christmas tree wisely.

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When it comes to the ideal height, there is an easy-to-follow rule that experts recommend to adhere to. ‘The general rule is to leave at least 6 inches (that’s 15 centimetres) between the top of the tree and the ceiling to accommodate the tree topper,’ Ben Wightman, product expert at Christmas Tree World recommends.

But you also need to consider the width and shape of the tree. ‘When choosing where you want to display your tree, you should also think about how much space you’ve got to play with,’ says Jennifer Derry, chief of merchandising and design at Balsam Hill. ‘Get out the measuring tape and check the width and height of your available space.’

Make sure that there is enough space around your tree to be able to move around without it looking too squeezed in. 

A bow-decorated Christmas tree next to a fireplace

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If you can't fit in that large tree you were dreaming off, either because it's A. too tall, B. too wide, or the classic C. too expensive. There are some clever decorating tricks you can use to make the tree look bigger.

‘A way to create a sense of height in the room is to use vertical decorations like tall ornaments or a tree topper,’ advises Ben. ‘This technique draws the eye upward when viewing the tree, making the room as a whole feel more spacious and preventing the tree from appearing cramped.’

What is the best Christmas tree for small spaces?

A brightly decorated Christmas tree in a decorated living room

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Rather than trying to cramp a regular sized tree into your small space, the better option is to pick the right size and kind of tree considering the amount of space you have.

‘It is important to consider the space available before selecting a tree. For those with limited room space, we recommend opting for a slim or pencil tree which will help to maximise floor space while providing the same 360° effect,’ Ben recommends.

If you have no floor space to spare, consider going for a mini tree which you can pop atop your furniture.

‘If it's floor space you’re lacking, I would recommend placing miniature trees on top of furniture you have to hand,’ Jennifer says.

Or an alternative and innovative Christmas tree idea is a half tree. ‘Half Christmas trees are another great option for those who need to save space. Half trees have become increasingly popular thanks to their convenient, compact nature. Look for models specifically designed for compact spaces,’ Ben advises.


How do you fit a Christmas tree in a small room?

As well as opting for smaller sized trees (be it shorter or slimmer), you can also get creative and go for Christmas tree alternatives to fit a tree in your small room. The Scandi sparse tree trend is one way, while the wall-hanging John Lewis ladder tree is the ultimate space-saving solution.

So if you don’t have much space on your hands, don’t despair. There is always a way to inject some festive spirit into a room.

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