'Perfect for smaller homes' - the Scandi Christmas tree trend that is going to be huge this year

Sparse Scandi is set to dominate the festive period

Collection of christmas trees covered in fake snow
(Image credit: Lights4fun/Oliver Perrott)

While some of you may be cringing at the sight of the C-word, it's already getting into full swing in the shops and on social media. There is one Scandi-style Christmas tree we keep seeing, and we think the time has come to call it what it is - the next big Christmas tree trend.

At Ideal Home, we’ve long appreciated the beauty of a real Christmas tree. But as so many of the best artificial Christmas trees look so much like the real deal nowadays, no one should be shy about opting for the reusable tree option. 

In our search to find the next festive focal point for our homes, we’ve noticed a new trend has come out of the woodwork (excuse the pun), and we’re calling it ‘Sparse Scandi.’ Brands such as John Lewis, IKEA, and Søstrene Grene are embracing this trend like a warm hot chocolate with marshmallows on a cold winter’s day. 

The White Company has already blown us away with its smaller-branch Christmas tree alternative. In fact, we have a feeling that it’s going to be everywhere this year. 

The Sparse Scandi Christmas tree trend 

Collection of christmas trees covered in fake snow

(Image credit: Balsam Hill)

But what is the Sparse Scandi Christmas tree trend? These trees focus more on natural foliage rather than offering the bushier, fuller look that many artificial trees (such as the sell-out The White Company tree) have given us in the past. These trees aren’t overloaded with branches or needles but instead offer a sparse, minimalist look that makes a subtle Scandi statement. 

Typically, sparse Christmas tree designs are avoided,’ explains interior design expert Lee Trethewey from Sustainable Furniture. ‘However, Scandinavian-inspired trees offer a style that is tasteful whilst also being compact and space-saving, perfect for smaller homes. The minimalistic style is refined, so if you're looking to decorate for Christmas without overwhelming your space, these trees are for you.’

Yes, this new trend is extremely versatile - offering you the option to go big with a full-size Christmas tree in your living room or decorate your coffee and side tables with this Christmas decor. The best bit? These trees are extremely affordable, making them a great addition to your budget Christmas decorating ideas

Christmas tree standing in room

(Image credit: Balsam Hill)

Faye Kingsford, Digital Designer at Lights4fun, says, ‘Perfect for any space, minimalistic designs of fir tree paired with a pre-lit cosy warm white glow is a cost-effective yet effortless way to get your home ready for the winter season.’

But how do you style such a tree? Jess Martin, Christmas decoration expert at Ginger Ray, suggests, ‘Make baubles and hanging decorations the biggest focal point. Paper baubles in a variety of star and honeycomb shapes look brilliant paired with some metallic or beaded accents.’

Of course, the sparse branches make hiding ugly light cables a little more difficult, but that doesn’t mean that you have to avoid them altogether. ‘Don’t be afraid to go light-free, but you can use lights if they are a smaller size or on a wire,’ Jess explains. And you might even find that some artificial trees come pre-lit, which makes things even easier.

Paper christmas decorations on tree

(Image credit: Ginger Ray)

But what we love about this new Christmas tree trend is the ability to make this focal point pop without relying on traditional decoration. Jess says, ‘Consider standing the tree in a pot rather than a traditional Christmas tree stand as you won’t have the low-hanging bushy branches to cover it. A pot can make a real statement and help to tie the tree into a wider decoration scheme.’

If you thought we were barking up the wrong (Christmas) tree with this festive prediction, though, we reached out to Caroline Clifton, Christmas Merchandiser for John Lewis. She confirmed that these sparser trees are going to fly off the shelves this year. ‘We know our customers are choosing these types of trees for their homes to keep the feeling of a traditional tree with a distinctive Scandi twist.’

Well, consider us sold on this new Christmas tree trend. 

Lauren Bradbury

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