George Clarke and Giles Coren just started a huge debate about architects – what do you think?

When the Old House New Home presenter shared Giles Coren's column on Instagram, followers were quick to comment

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When George Clarke responded to a column by Giles Coren earlier this week, he sparked a big debate about architects. The Amazing Spaces host shared an image of the piece titled, 'Damn all architects, the rich man’s folly' on his Instagram yesterday.

His followers were quick to comment with their views on the divisive article, and while most totally agreed that the article was poorly researched, some asked why the renovation projects we see on TV always go over budget. 

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George Clarke and Giles Coren architects debate

TV presenter and architect George Clarke reacted to Giles Coren's article on Instagram, where he described it as 'absolutely unbelievable'. George Clarke criticised it for being lazy and childish, accusing Giles Coren of knowing nothing about the profession.

'Maybe he could have mentioned how some very talented, often underpaid architects do a phenomenal job for some clients, many of who have the tiniest of budgets, adding lots and lots of value to their client’s property because of good design and good budget management,' he wrote.

We asked Your Home Made Perfect architect Laura Jane Clark for her thoughts. 'The fact that this column is getting such coverage is utterly depressing in itself,' she says.

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'I am not going to defend architecture and architects, as I know that is not what is needed here. Of course, there are egotistical, vacuous idiots in architecture, but that is true of every profession,' says Laura. 'It is lazy and hilariously unfunny.'

In the comments, people shared personal positive and negative experiences, and some made the point that some TV programmes about renovations reinforce the view that architects overcharge. But George Clarke highlights the myriad reasons that a project can end up going over budget. 

He lists various factors that slow down a project and cause it to be more expensive than originally planned, from delays with materials and poor project management to problems with the building that no one could have foreseen. So, he argues, it's ridiculous to blame an architect when your kitchen extension ideas cost more in reality.

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Whether planning an extension or some open-plan living room ideas to make your home more functional, hiring an architect will help you to create a well-designed space. Where do you stand on the debate?

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