Take a look around this coastal-style bathroom

Want to make a bathroom with basic white sanitaryware look special? Here's how to add unique touches with a seaside theme.

This family bathroom hadn't been decorated for years before the new owner moved in and decided to revamp it. Not wanting to spend a fortune, the idea was to work mostly with what was already there, and yet to create an entirely new feel.

1/6 Coastal-style bathroom

bathroom with wooden beach hut and sink unit

(Image credit: Brett Charles)

The bath was scratched and had to be replaced, and the taps were broken too, so new chrome ones were fitted, but the toilet and sink stayed and the whole room was given a new look. 'My priority was to recreate the feeling of being by the seaside - sitting in a beautiful wooden beach hut and looking out to sea,' the owner explained.

2/6 Bath panelling

bathroom with bathtub and wooden tray

(Image credit: Future PLC/Brett Charles)

The new bath was fitted with a wood-panel surround, painted in pale white-grey tones reminiscent of driftwood. And to get that sea view, a breathtaking photo of a local beach was enlarged to fit the entire width of the wall beside the bath. 'I tracked down a firm that makes flyposters who were able to create a giant made-to-measure poster for me,' the owner told us. The enlarged print was then given a coat of varnish to make it waterproof.

Large format poster
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3/6 Accessories

bathroom with wooden tray and cup of tea

(Image credit: Brett Charles)

When the owner came across a striped beach hut cabinet in a charity shop, she snapped it up, planning to display it on the bathroom windowsill where it now lives. A sturdy wooden bath bridge adds warmth to the otherwise refreshing scheme and is strong enough to hold not only soap but also a cup of tea and a book, making bath time soaks in the new room so much more relaxing.

Bath bridge
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4/6 Painted wall with mounted porthole mirrors

bathroom with mirror and deep sea blue

(Image credit: Brett Charles)

A deep-sea blue was chosen for the walls immediately behind the bath, matching the main shade of the sea in the varnished poster. Three porthole-style mirrors were then hung, giving a burst of reflected light which helps to open out the room. And novelty anchor towel holders create a fun home for the blue-striped coastal-style towels.

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5/6 Recessed cabinet

bathroom with cupboard and cabinet

(Image credit: Brett Charles)

The wood panelling was not only ideal for covering the less than perfect walls, it also presented the opportunity to create a clever bathroom cabinet and an open recessed shelf. The cabinet neatly houses first aid supplies and the shelf below it is reserved for a vintage pressure gauge found at a car-boot sale, adding an industrial-touch that ties in perfectly with the coastal theme.

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6/6 Extra storage

bathroom with extra storage and toilet seat

(Image credit: Brett Charles)

The toilet roll holder and flush were both kept simple, with clean, modern lines, while character was added in the shape of a vintage wooden storage box. It was found discarded in a skip outside a local bread factory that was closing down. 'I rescued it!' says the owner proudly - she knew instantly that she would be able to find a place for it in her bathroom. The box is now used to hold flannels and towels.

Toilet seat

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