Freestanding Baths – Our Pick of the Best

Make a statement in your bathroom with a freestanding bath. From modern designs to traditional slipper tubs, take a look at our pick of the best.

There is nothing more luxurious than enjoying a long relaxing bath, so it's worth investing in a good freestanding bathtub to make the experience even more enjoyable. We've gathered a collection of some excellent freestanding baths, so whether you want a slipper bath with centrally located taps (no more hitting your head on the facuets) or you're looking for an ultra modern angular design, there are plenty of great options around. If you're feeling flush, a copper bath is the height of sumptuous sophistication, and although the hefty price tag may at first be off-putting, once you sit back and enjoy a well-earned soak in one of these beauties, there'll be no going back.

Babylon Brushed Copper Bath

(Image credit: Fired Earth)

1. Babylon Brushed Copper Bath


Dimensions: D68-72 x L150-200 x W66-80cm

This pristine freestanding bath is made from solid copper, allowing it to warm up in an instant and remain heated for long periods of time. This means you can take your time and relax without the worry of ending up with cold water. Available in a choice of finishes and in three versatile sizes making this bath perfect for bathrooms of any size. 

Babylon Brushed Copper Bath, £5400, Fired Earth

Ellison Freestanding Bath With White Surround, with a white towel hanging over the edge of the bath

(Image credit: Worldstores)

2. Ellison Freestanding Bath With White Surround


Dimensions: L170 x W90 cm

This distinctive, curved freestanding bath is both large and visually striking, with a minimalist design that will be a focal point of any designer bathroom. Supplied without pre-drilled tap holes allowing you the freedom to choose your tap combinations. 

Ellison Freestanding Bath With White Surround, £647, WorldStores

Traditional Freestanding Bath in white

(Image credit: Very)

3. Traditional Freestanding Bath


Dimensions: L1700 x W720 x H71cm

Different from other freestanding baths, usually found on their feet, this elegant design sees the basin resting on a plinth. This gives it a wonderful flowing look, making this roll top bath the centrepiece of your bathroom suite. It has 2 tap holes, compatible with a variety of faucets, meaning you can give it your own personal touch.  

Traditional Freestanding Bath, £800, Very

Freestanding Roll Top Bath with a black outer finish and white inner finish and silver chrome clawfoot feet

(Image credit: Screwfix)

4. Freestanding Roll Top Bath


Dimensions: L169 x W74cm

Go for a traditional look with this freestanding bath. With a black surround and clawfoot feet, it's a classic shape with timeless appeal. The central tap deck makes it ultra luxurious. Crafted from a high grade acrylic sheet which maintains a natural gloss finish for a modern look. Waste, fittings and taps not supplied with this freestanding roll top bath.

Freestanding Roll Top Bath, £349, Screwfix

Modern Freestanding white bath with chunky square chrome feet

(Image credit: Littlewoods)

5. Modern Freestanding Bath with Square Feet


Dimensions: L170 x W75 x H60 cm

Give your bathroom a modern look with a striking square bath - this freestanding bath features chunky square chrome feet which add a distinctive look. Team with angular chrome taps. Supplied without tap holes, this freestanding bath is made from 5mm acrylic, making it highly durable, comfortable and easy to keep clean - with a natural gloss finish that'd shine through in the bathroom. 

Modern Freestanding Bath with Square Feet, £999, Littlewoods

Verso Back to Wall White Bath, in a bathroom with stone marble tiles in front of a window with a view of the sunset over water

(Image credit: TBC)

6. Verso Back to Wall Bath


Dimensions: H58 x W75 x L170 cm

If you've wanted but never had the room for a freestanding bath, then this back to wall bath is the perfect solution. Crafted from high quality acrylic, this bath is designed to sit against a wall and can be coupled with wall mounted, surface mounted or freestanding taps so it can easily meet the requirements of your bathroom. 

Verso Back to Wall Bath, £599. Victoria Plum

Harding Single Ended Slipper Bath, in front of a mosaic tiled wall with light brown wall feature shelf

(Image credit: TBC)

7. Harding Single Ended Slipper Bath


Dimensions: D79 x W67 x L160 cm

This beautiful slipper style freestanding bath is simple, yet luxuriously elegant. Designed and constructed from quality acrylic, you'll find this bath is as durable is it is beautiful, so you can relax in style. 

Harding Single Ended Slipper Bath, £439, Victoria Plum

Belfry Freestanding Bath in a bathroom in between a toilet and shower

(Image credit: TBC)

8. Belfry Freestanding Bath


Dimensions: H58 x W77 x L169cm

This curved bath would look perfect for an ultra modern bathroom setting. Made from durable acrylic and featuring a central waste and no tap holes, it means the design is as sleek as possible. Floor mounted taps will need to be fitted next to the bath after installation. 

Belfry Freestanding Bath, £850, Wayfair

Royce Morgan Barwick Freestanding Bath in white

(Image credit: UK Bathrooms)

9. Royce Morgan Barwick Freestanding Bath


Dimensions: W74.5 x L169 x D58cm

A beautifully crafted freestanding bath that is able to work well with any modern bathroom. Designed with both wall mounted and floor standing taps in mind, this bath offers a lot of personalisation to meet your needs. 

Royce Morgan Barwick Freestanding Bath, £876, UK Bathrooms

Vitale Oval Freestanding Bath, no tap

(Image credit: Homebase)

10. Vitale Oval Freestanding Bath


Dimensions: L169 W60 D80cm

A beautiful, oval shaped freestanding bath, perfect for a spacious bathroom. Available in a choice of two sizes to suit various bathroom arrangements. Suitable for use with a floorstanding bath shower mixer, this 1700mm size can accommodate most bathroom arrangements. 

Vitale Oval Freestanding Bath, £1048, Homebase