5 steps to a more peaceful bedroom

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  • An oasis of calm awaits you …

    Set the tone for a relaxing evening and a better night’s sleep with a serene bedroom.

    Get back to basics

    Stripping bedrooms back to their bare necessities, furniture-wise, will make the room feel lighter, less cluttered and help you focus on what the space is intended to be for.


    Say goodbye to technology

    The bedroom is about sleeping, not for watching TV or scrolling through Instagram on your phone – plus it’s not good for your psyche to do this right before going to bed. After all, you don’t need an iPhone to sleep.


    Go for neutral colours

    Of course a calm bedroom doesn’t necessarily mean a white bedroom but light colours naturally lead to a room feeling more peaceful. Remember, the bedroom is a personal space, so make sure the colour you choose is one that makes you happy.

    Make your bed the best

    A good mattress makes all the difference, as does the importance of getting the right pillows. Layer beds with fresh sheets and blankets to turn it into the coziest of spots.

    Don’t scrimp on finishing touches

    Surround yourself with things that make you feel calm, whether that’s photos, candles, fresh flowers or even your favourite hand cream. Add plush textures, such as rugs or beautiful throws, to add extra comfort.

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