How to make a bed runner

Follow Style at Home's step-by-step guide to making your own bed runner

Looking for bedroom decorating ideas? Style your bed with an easy-to-sew bed runner. This pretty patchwork runner will add a boutique hotel look to your bedroom.

2 hours


What you’ll need
*Maison Essentials single sheet, £8, BHS
* Fabrics: Laurel Dots in Periwinkle (132cm x 20cm); Delhi Blooms in Lime (132cm x 20cm); Temple Tulips in Azure (132cm x 30cm); all £10.70 per m, Amy Butler collection, John Lewis
* 2m 270g wadding, £2.99 per m, Dunelm Mill

Cut up a single bed sheet to use for the plain sections for a chic but cheap addition.

Step-by-step guide

Cut your fabric.

1) From the sheet, cut two 26cm x 52cm edge pieces, a 30cm x 52cm
centre piece and a 202cm x 52cm back piece. From the Temple Tulips fabric, cut two 52cm x 28cm pieces and from both Delhi Blooms and Laurel Dots, two 20cm x 52cm pieces.

Machine-stitch your fabric.

2) To form a strip (plain edge, Laurel Dots, Delhi Blooms, Temple
Tulips, plain centre, Temple Tulips, Delhi Blooms, Laurel Dots, plain
edge), pin and machine-stitch the nine plain-sheet and fabric front pieces along their 52cm edges, allowing 1cm seams.

Turn the right way, press and insert wadding.

3) Cut the wadding into two pieces: 150cm x 50cm and 50cm x
50cm. Tack-stitch together to form a 200cm x 50cm strip. With the right
sides together, pin the patchwork front to the plain back piece. Machine-stitch together along two long and one short sides. Turn the right way and press. Insert the wadding and slip-stitch closed.

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