Simba has made a big change to its popular mattress range - it could be a gamechanger

First look at the Simba Earth mattresses - the new natural and eco-friendly range

Simba earth mattress
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Simba mattresses have long been an Ideal Home favourite, and they've now made their mattress range even more appealing with the launch of their earth mattress range. 

Simba is one of the best mattress brands around in our opinion. Its top-rated hybrid mattresses are comfortable and well-made, but natural they are not. However, Simba's new range has decided to address this by fusing their mattress technology with natural materials grown in the UK, upcycled or responsibly sourced, along with making them 100% recyclable.

Simba Earth Range first look

The new range includes three different mattresses, the entry-level Earth Source mattress, the level-up Earth Escape mattress and the luxury Earth Apex mattress

Each of the three mattresses however is made from a slightly different natural material and has varying comfort levels. 

We have yet to get our hands on one to test, however, our mattress expert, Ecommerce Editor Amy Lockwood welcomes the introduction of these sustainable and natural materials in a Simba mattress range.

'Simba's mattresses have always proved popular with our review team with both the Simba Hybrid Original mattress and Simba Hybrid Pro mattress scoring top marks in our testing process,' she explains. 

'However, both hybrid mattresses feature a memory foam top layer, and whilst Simba's open-cell memory foam is more breathable than many alternative memory foam mattresses, some of our self-diagnosed 'hot sleepers' still prefer not to opt for this synthetic material. Plus, memory foam doesn't biodegrade, so it's not a sustainable or environmentally-friendly option. 

Simba earth mattress

(Image credit: Simba)

'The new Simba Earth collection looks to swap out this memory foam upper layer for a variety of natural materials, including wool, cotton, and hemp. These are all naturally breathable materials that should make for good air circulation and a cooler sleep. 

'Simba has also made this new foam-free collection glue-free as well, which the brand claims makes the collection 100% recyclable. Good news, because so many synthetic mattresses are non-biodegradable and end up in landfill'.

A natural improvement

On top of these innovations, the new range has kept the features that have made the original Simba mattress range popular. All three offer medium to firm support and include the Quadcore Base to minimise motion transfer and the contouring support layer. 

However, you'll likely have spotted that the eco-friendly perks of the Earth Range come with a price. All three are more expensive than the Simba Original and Simba Pro. This is unfortunately often the case with mattresses made from natural materials. 

However, if you are looking for a natural mattress under £1000 you can pick an all-natural wool Beulah 1000 No-Turn Mattress from Wool Room for £775. Wool Room is currently running a 25% discount across many of its mattresses so if you are in the market for a deal on a sustainable mattress it is a good time to pick one up.

However, if you already know and love the Simba range, it's safe to say they always deliver a quality mattress so we're expecting big things from this range.

Rebecca Knight
Deputy Editor, Digital

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