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Shop the Simba mattress sale to find a great deal on one of Britain's best selling mattresses
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  • Need a new mattress? Then check out these Simba mattress deals which mean you can save hundreds on products from one of the leading mattress brands. Made in Britain using British and recycled materials wherever possible, buying in a Simba mattress sale means you can save money and help save the planet while you’re at it.

    But that isn’t the only reason to make the most of a deal on one of the best mattresses around.

    We have tested every mattress in the Simba range, from their crowd-pleasing Simba Hybrid, to the new 10-layered Simba Luxe – and we highly rate the lot with 4.5 and 5 star ratings. As the ‘Hybrid’ in their names suggests, all Simba mattresses use a combination of foam and springs for the ultimate in support, cooling and comfort. Their signature Simba Pure layer is an upper layer of open cell foam that moulds to your body, accompanied by a breathable sleep surface that regulates temperature.

    Best Simba mattress deals

    So what can you expect from the latest Simba mattress sale? There is 30 per cent off this week – 25 per cent off mattresses and our readers get an extra five per cent off using our exclusive code. Just enter Simba mattress code SIMBAFUTURE30 at checkout to redeem. While you are at it, you can also upgrade all of your bedding with Simba’s range of awarding winning mattress toppers, protectors, pillows and their hybrid duvet that we think is one of the best duvets for all seasons. Add them to your basket to buy with your mattress savings.

    See some top offers below.

    Save 30% on mattresses with our exclusive code | Enter SIMBAFUTURE30 at checkout
    Get 30% off all mattresses with our exclusive discount code. It is running parallel to the Simba 25% saving offer, but gives our readers an extra 5% off. Just enter the code SIMBAFUTURE30 at checkout to use. Ends 11:59pm Monday 14th June

    Use code: SIMBAFUTURE30

    Simba Hybrid King Size | Was £939, now £657.30
    This might be Simba’s entry level mattress, but it has won no less than 12 industry awards (including one from us). It has a combo of foam and titanium Aerocoil springs for the most durable comfort, plus a breathable topper that means you won’t get too warm.

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    Simba Hybrid Pro Double | Was £1,159, now £811.30
    Though not Simba’s most expensive mattress, the Hybrid Pro certainly is a premium buy. And with a massive £400 discount, you can now upgrade to this 7-layer sleep dream for less. It includes a wool layer and double Aerocoils for supreme comfort.

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    Simba Hybrid Luxe King Size | Was £1,799, now £1,259.30
    We are currently testing this mattress and WOW! With three layers or up to 6,000 Aerocoils plus a bamboo wool layer and the softest and most breathable top layer, this buy is the best night’s sleep guaranteed (and if you disagree you have a risk-free 200 night trial).

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    Why should you buy a Simba mattress deal?

    We all know how important sleep is, but many of us are not giving ourselves the best chances of a great night’s sleep by using a mattress that is old, worn or unsuitable for our sleep position. With experts recommending we replace our mattress every seven years, lots of people should consider an upgrade when a mattress sale presents itself.

    This should be particularly pertinent if you are suffering any form of back or joint pain that your mattress could be contributing to. The Simba mattresses are well designed for supporting those with these types of problems, offering a combo of springs and foam that keep the spine well aligned, while giving softness for hips, knees and shoulders.

    As this level of engineering can be pricey, looking for a mattress sale is a great way to take care of yourself without breaking the bank.

    You can also take these Simba mattress deals as a chance to upgrade other bedding items. Better pillows, a duvet that is better for temperature regulation or a mattress protector to protect your new mattress are all worth investing in. You should also look at Simba mattress toppers too if you are not in market for a new mattress itself, but want to improve comfort of your current bed. They are great for sofa beds, too. Find out more in our guide to the best mattress toppers.

    What else to consider when buying a mattress in a sale

    Panic buying can set in when you see something is on offer, but making time for a bit of research into finding the right mattress for you is key. Read reviews of any mattresses you like the look of, taking note of comments from people with similar sleep issues to you if required.

    Next look for companies like Simba who offer free trials of their mattresses. Simba offer 200 nights risk free – if you find this isn’t the mattress for you, they will let you return it and refund what you paid, no questions asked. Different brands offer different trial lengths, so make a note and remember that if you buy in the sale, you will be refunded the sale price you paid, even if you return when the mattress is back at full price.

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