Best steam cleaners of 2024 in the UK - the top 9 picks that we've reviewed

Finesse your cleaning routine with one of the best steam cleaners

The Vax Steam Fresh Combi, an upright model which is our choice as the best steam cleaner on the market
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Refresh your space with one of the best steam cleaners. These cleaners are bound to be a big help when it comes to resetting your home, with features that go a little further than your mop and bucket to get things ship-shape. 

How does a steam cleaner work? They use high-powered steam, often in several ways (thanks to attachments) to clean and sanitise all number of surfaces in your home, not just your floors. We're talking behind your fridge, your shower, and your hobs. Yep, this is a serious value-for-money investment.

We know how important it is to have hands-on experience with the products we recommend, which is why we've reviewed all of the steam cleaners that you'll find below so that we can give you our honest findings on which type will suit you best.  

Now, once you've given your home a once-over with the best vacuum, one of these expert steam cleaners will surely become a sure-fire staple in your cleaning routine.   

The quick list – Best steam cleaners