Brook + Wilde Ultima mattress review: a luxury mattress with cooling credentials

We tested the Brook + Wilde Ultima mattress to see if it's worth the investment. Here's what we found...
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  • Looking to invest in a top-tier mattress? If a comfortable, supportive and cooling night’s sleep is what you’re after, read our Brook + Wilde Ultima mattress review for all the details you need.

    We were lucky enough to be sent this mattress to review, and now we’re delivering the verdict to you, so you can make an informed decision about your next mattress purchase. Launched in December 2020, the Ultima promises to deliver the ultimate in luxurious sleep experience, with a whole load of upgrades to the brand’s other premium products, including advanced cooling technology and a new design – so we couldn’t wait to find out if it lived up to the hype.

    I’ve reviewed this mattress over five weeks, through two heatwaves, with my partner next to me every night, so together we’ve been able to test out everything from sleeping positions to temperature regulation and motion transfer. For the purpose of this review, we tested out the double mattress with a medium comfort feel (tension). Read on to find out what we thought, then head to our best mattress guide for all our top-rated picks.

    Ideal Home rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Verdict: For the ultimate great night’s sleep and a real sense of luxury, the Ultima mattress can’t be beaten. Comfortable, supportive and even cooling, we couldn’t fault it. A very well deserved five stars from us.

    Reasons to buy:

    • Extremely comfortable 
    • Supportive for all sleep positions 
    • Good choice of firmness 
    • 100 night comfort trial 
    • 10-year guarantee 
    • Made in the UK

    Reasons to avoid:

    • Very heavy 
    • At 30cm deep, might be too high for some 
    • Not available in single size

    Brook + Wilde Ultima mattress

    Ultima mattress on grey bed against white panelled wall

    Image credit: Brook + Wilde

    Brook + Wilde Ultima specifications:

    Type: Hybrid mattress: ten layers of memory foam, springs and cooling mattress cover
    Sizes: UK standard sizes; double, king, super king
    Tension: Soft, medium, firm

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    Who will the Brook + Wilde Ultima mattress suit?

    • All sleepers: the ten layers in this mattress give plenty of support to back, side and front sleepers alike, and help to relieve aches and pains
    • People with fidgety partners/partners with different bedtimes: the motion transfer is almost non-existent
    • Those who get too warm: the thermic mattress cover claims to reduce temperature by two degrees

    What is the Brook + Wilde Ultima mattress?

    The Ultima mattress is Brook + Wilde’s newest, most advanced offering. As a hybrid mattress with a massive 10 layers, consisting of premium memory foam and 6,000 nano and pocket springs, it’s seriously luxurious. Don’t let the memory foam fool you, though: it’s supremely comfortable, yes, but it’s also super supportive.

    The big USP of the Ultima, aside from the number of layers, is the thermic cover (removable, so handy for any accidents or spillages), which aims to reduce body temperature by two degrees – sounds small but is noticeable on a hot night. Combined with its dynamic airflow design, it’s made to keep you cool as you sleep.

    Each mattress is made to order, and so it comes as no surprise that the price point for the Ultima is on the high end of the scale – but we’d say it’s worth it. All Brook + Wilde mattresses come with a 100-day comfort trial period as standard, and the mattress core is guarantees against faults for ten years. If you’re considering investing but are wavering at the price, keep an eye on the Brook + Wilde website for discount events.

    Unboxing: how long before you can sleep on a Brook + Wilde Ultima mattress?

    While this mattress normally arrives in a box, ours came rolled but wrapped only in plastic, which actually helped with portability. The delivery drivers dropped it off in our porch but we opted to take it upstairs ourselves, which might have been a mistake were it not for the fact that my partner and my dad were there to haul it up for me. It’s heavy, but not so much so that it’s impossible to move – you just need two fairly strong people to do it.

    Rolled up mattress in plastic packaging with Certificate of Quality

    Credit: Ellen Finch. The mattress comes with a Certificate of Quality – a nice touch.

    We were prepared to cut the tape and have the whole thing spring open on us, but the unravelling was surprisingly low-impact and easy. You’re supposed to leave it overnight to let it expand, but it was deep enough to sleep on after a couple of hours. One thing to note: with a depth of 30cm, this mattress does feel quite high when you first sit on it. As a 5’8” tall(ish) person, this wasn’t an issue and I soon got used to it, but if you’re of a smaller stature, it might feel a bit unusual to start with. We had to buy new sheets to fit, but they were easy enough to find.

    How comfortable is the Brook + Wilde Ultima mattress?

    It took a few nights to get used to the Brook + Wilde Utima mattress compared to our (very) old one, but first impressions were good. Before we got to sleep, we took it in turns flopping onto the bed to test out the motion transfer and marvelled at the fact we could roll to the edge of the bed without immediately falling off. Then it was time for a more serious test. Here’s what we found:

    Comfort: Both myself and my partner sleep on either our backs or sides, and we both only had good things to say about the comfort levels of this mattress. We tried a medium and would say it’s pretty much exactly that, offering the perfect flat surface with a bit of give to support our backs. On my side, there was no discomfort on any of my joints. I often suffer from lower back pain (blame sitting at a desk every day), but the day after sleeping on the Ultima, I woke up with no pain whatsoever. My colleague over at Livingetc also tried the mattress while eight months’ pregnant and found it relieved all her aches and pains, which is pretty impressive.

    Motion transfer: In our initial test, before all the bedding went on, we could hardly feel each other getting onto the bed, so we were rightly pretty confident that it would be a dream to sleep on. Neither of us are particularly fidgety, but we do have slightly different bed times, and I didn’t feel a thing when my partner came to bed an hour or two after me. Sadly it didn’t help with his incessant snoring, but you can’t win them all.

    Weight distribution: Rolling onto the edge of the Brook + Wilde Ultima mattress is no problem thanks to the excellent tension in the product. I find myself sleeping close to the edge of the bed most nights, and when I woke up I felt secure – there was little to no sagging at the edge. Likewise, sitting on the edge of the bed is a much more comfortable experience.

    Temperature regulation: We tested this mattress through June and part of July, and so found ourselves in a couple of heatwaves during the period. I’m always a little on the warm side when I sleep, but I have to say that even when the temperature stayed upwards of 20 degrees at night, I slept all the way through, and wasn’t overly hot when I woke up either. That’s an even more impressive feat considering our house is essentially a furnace, and we were sleeping with the door shut and one measly fan between the two of us.

    What is the Brook + Wilde Ultima mattress made from?

    The Brook + Wilde Ultima mattress boasts ten layers – one of the highest levels we’ve seen in mattresses. The first is the cool-to-touch thermic fabric layer, which the company claims reduces temperature by 2°C.

    Diagram showing different mattress layers

    Image credit: Brook + Wilde

    This is followed by nine more layers:

    • Breathable mattress cover, which adds a buffer between the cooling cover and the first layer of memory foam;
    • Breathable top layer of foam, which allows airflow to the surface;
    • Refreshing comfort layer, with large open-cell structure memory foam that allows four times the airflow – meaning it’s ultra breathable;
    • Twin layers of 2000 nano springs, to help with weight distribution;
    • Unique support layer, which provides the soft, medium or firm level of comfort;
    • Dynamic airflow system, which draws fresh air into the core of the mattress;
    • Twin layers of 4000 pocket springs, to add push-back and bounce;
    • Support foundation, which gives the mattress durable structure;
    • Non-slip base, to help the mattress stay put.

    Is the Brook + Wilde Ultima mattress sustainable?

    I’m a firm believer of investing in brands and companies that give back to the planet, and Brook + Wilde do just that: for every mattress, they plant a tree to help combat deforestation. Reforestation helps fight against climate change, protecting coastal communities from flooding and safeguarding 70% of the world’s plant and animal species.

    In Brook + Wilde’s own words: ‘We support third party non-profit organisations, who plant trees to help clean water in Brazil, protect biodiversity in Indonesia, empower women in Rwanda, improve food security in Guatemala, and fight back against forest fires across North America.’

    Final verdict: Is the Brook + Wilde Ultima mattress worth the money?

    This mattress is seriously impressive and lives up to its claims, and I’ve had plenty of great nights’ sleep over the past month and a bit. Aside from being a tad heavy, and a bit taller than most mattresses, there’s really not a bad thing to say about it.

    Ultimately, it comes down to how much you’re budgeting for your mattress, but if you’re erring towards the pricier end of the scale anyway, this mattress is 100% worth paying an extra few hundred pounds. It’s the first luxury mattress I’ve tried and I could really tell the difference; my colleague, who’s reviewed plenty of mattresses, said it’s one of the best she’s ever tried. So yes, if you have the money to spend, I wouldn’t hesitate to invest in the Ultima – for the 10+ years you’ll be sleeping on it, you won’t regret it.

    About this review, and the reviewer

    Ellen Finch is deputy editor at our sister brand Real Homes, and also writes about the latest mattress deals for the site. She’s a huge fan of a good night’s sleep (who isn’t?) and can’t function on less than seven and a half hours, so she couldn’t wait to try out the Brook + Wilde Ultima mattress for Ideal Home.

    She tested the Ultima mattress for five weeks before writing this review. Brook + Wilde has kindly allowed her to keep the mattress – which means we can keep you posted on how it fares over time.

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