Eve Premium Hybrid mattress review

How does the new Eve Premium Hybrid mattress hold up and is it worth the extra spend compared to Eve's other award winning mattresses? We put it to the test

Eve Sleep Hybrid Mattress on a grey double bed
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Ideal Home Verdict

The Eve Premium Hybrid mattress is a luxury medium-firm mattress aimed at those looking for a supportive yet comforting mattress, to cushion in all the right places. The latest in foam technology means the foam is forgiving on pressure points, but not suffocating like some traditional memory foam feels. Thanks to zoned support from a hybrid of foam, memory foam and pocket springs this medium-to-firm mattress is firm yet yielding. Brilliantly the top cover features a zip to make it removable for easy cleaning, a definite winning quality for any mattress – when you think about how often you use it!

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Removable zip cover for 40 degree washing

  • +

    Supreme pressure relief

  • +

    Decent bounce, with minimal movement transfer

  • +

    Good breathability

  • +

    100-night sleep trial

  • +

    10 year warranty

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    No single size

  • -

    If you don't like a firm mattress

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The newest member of the Eve Sleep family is the Eve Premium Hybrid mattress. Eve gave me the chance to put it to the test this summer and I was keen to learn more about this 'premium' offering.

It's the most advanced mattress design to date from the much-loved sleep experts, but it is also their most expensive. So we wanted to see if it stood up to the hype, and explore the latest in mattress innovations. How does it differ from the original mattress? The hybrid mattress offers a combination of both foam and full-sized pocket springs, with this latest premium hybrid mattress offering 1,500 pockets springs as opposed to the 800 of the hybrid mattress before it.

I feel like now would be the perfect time to confess to having previously been a cynic of foam mattresses – convinced a traditional sprung mattress with no mention of memory foam was the only mattress I'd ever happily sleep on. Plus I had an already comfortable mattress that I only parted with because it was well past the 10 year recommendation lifespan.

So with high expectations and zero faith I wasn't the easiest sleeper to be won over, but let me tell you – I most certainly haven't lost any sleep over this mattress trade in! Quite the opposite.

Find out what converted me and earned this premium hybrid a place on our list of the best mattresses.

Eve Premium Hybrid mattress

Why you can trust Ideal Home Our expert reviewers spend hours testing and comparing products and services so you can choose the best for you. Find out more about how we test.

Eve Premium Hybrid Specifications

Type: Hybrid mattress; five layers of next generation foam – never before used in the UK – and full-sized pocket springs
Sizes: UK standard sizes; double, king and super king

What is the Eve Sleep Premium Hybrid mattress?

This modern mattress in a box combines five generous layers of next generation foam with over 1,500 full-sized pocket springs. It does not, as I feared of memory foam, give you a sinking feeling – quite the opposite! It's firm but forgiving, as the supportive foam sculpts to your body shape, offering good pressure relief without the feeling of being consumed.

The plush cover, as well as being removable by zip, is stitched with silver – why you  may ask? Not just to be fancy, but to provide a supreme level of cleanliness, thanks to the naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. The top of the cover is quilted too, offering a little touch of extra comfort.

Price wise, being premium does means it's at the higher end of the eve shopper's budget but don't let that deter you – it's worth the long-term investment. BUT you can usually bag a bargain by holding out for one of Eve’s regular discount events – of savings ranging from 20–35% on the Eve website.

What is the Eve Hybrid made from?

A dissection of the layers, starting from the top;

  • The top cover: this mattress is topped with a luxuriously quilted, washable cover. Tiny silver strands are also woven into the fabric to make it antibacterial and antimicrobial. (97% polyester, 2% elastane and 1% silver).
  • The floatfoam layer with active cooling: This is the new generation foam! This layer is why you feel an instant pressure relief as soon as you lie down.
  • The memory layer with active cooling: Below the first layer of soft foam the first layer of memory foam, to welcome added light relief. 'It’s got a snug softness that hugs your body and keeps the pressure off' say the experts – but because it's not the top layer of foam it doesn't present a sinking feeling, that many fear from memory foam. Also both of these cushioning layers are infused with graphite, which actively removes the heat when your body gets too hot.
  • The support layer: The first two layers are there with a focus on cushioning for comfort, whereas the 'support layer' beneath is made using a firmer foam structure to keep the spine aligned.
  • The foam casing: Hugely important role for any mattress, no matter how firm or soft – the spine has to be well supported. Under that crucial support layer comes the 'foam casing' which provides a buffering between that and the springs. This foam also provides extra side support to prevent a ‘rolling off’ sensation at the mattress edge.
  • The springs: It's under all those squidgy layers you will find the springs. As previously explained this layer has over 1,500, 12 cm full-size pocket springs to provide first-class support that adapts to your every move.
  • The anti-slip base: Finally a non-slip super-soft coating keeps everything in place when the mattress is on your bed base.

Eve premium hybrid mattress layers

(Image credit: Eve Sleep)

Unboxing: how long before you can sleep on an Eve Hybrid mattress?

 Like all bed-in-a-box mattresses, the Eve Premium Hybrid is vacuum-packed for easy delivery – it's remarkable to think so much goodness packs up so small. The delivery was very quick and efficient, with the delivery people taking the boxed mattress up two floors, directly to the bedroom. Although the box is a manageable size (44.5 by 185cm for a king) it is heavy. The king size mattress (the size I have) in a box weights a hefty 60kg – definitely a hearty two person job, making the delivery invaluable for most.

Eve aim to deliver right to you for free, but some areas might carry a charge. A representative tells us, 'In these more uncommon situations, the costs are the same for all areas eve Sleep considers “remote”. A two man delivery for a mattress costs £59 as standard.' Something to consider (and check) when looking at the price if you don't live on the mainland.

Eve officially say the mattress is sleep-ready within four to six hours after unboxing, but our test mattress felt fully inflated within just an hour or so. It really is something to behold as it instantly starts to grow and take shape, once free from the vacuum-packed casing. 

Eve are now offering a new  ‘mattress removal’ service to make disposing of your old mattress easier. Simply select the service under 'named day delivery' at checkout, and for £40 the sleep experts will 'Deliver, Remove and Recycle your old mattress', meaning one less thing to worry about when upgrading.

All new foam mattresses suffer from a touch of 'off-gassing' (as our fellow mattress experts call it) in the first few weeks. It’s not toxic and nothing to worry about, but some do find it extremely hard to bear. Happily, the Eve Premium Hybrid only offered a whiff of the 'new foam mattress' smell for a few days.

How comfortable is the Eve Hybrid?

I personally have found it extremely comfortable, very much like that of a traditional pocket-sprung mattress thanks to the full-sized springs. It's firm enough to ensure you feel supported but it also offers a deep level of cushioning foam to take the weight off, relieving pressure points. And this applies to whichever side you sleep on – side, front or back (I personally sleep on my side or back). My partner finds it firmer than I do, but agrees on it offering a very high level of comfort – ideal if you like a mattress that verges on the firmer side of medium-firm. 

The first thing to notice is the depth. If you've been doing your research on memory foam mattresses you will know that they can be on the slim side – usually due to a lack of springs. But this hybrid mattress measures an impressive 26cm in depth – although the official size says 28cm?! You can see from my tape measure, mine came in a little short of thag – but it certainly doesn't impact the comfortability factor.

Measuring the Eve premium hybrid mattress depth

(Image credit: Future)

Second thing to applaud is the lack of motion transfer – being able to feel a partner's movement, from the other side of the mattress. My partner is bigger and heavier than me (I'm 8 1/2 stone and he is 12 stone) so naturally you can feel when they get in or out of the bed or fidget, but I have to say the motion is barely noticeable with this sturdy design.

If you do find it a little too firm, eve does one of the best mattress toppers, so you could upgrade with this.

Who will this Eve mattress suit?

Anyone looking for firmer support and comfort, wanting the benefits of foam without really knowing it's foam. It's also ideal for anyone wanting a temperature controlled design, to ensure your body temperature is primed for a good night's sleep. As a person who suffers terribly from overheating during my sleep at certain times during the month – I can attest that since sleeping on this mattress that has not been a thing! I don't want to jinx it, but so far three months in and i'm sleeping soundly and without a higher body temperature than expected. Eve does offer a temperature balancing mattress protecter starting at £119 for those who need even more cooling.

Eve class the premium hybrid mattress in a 'medium-firm' category, suitable for all types of sleeper. The level of cushioning means this mattress should support all body weights on the pressure points of whichever side you sleep – be it shoulders, hips or spine.

Weights on top of the Eve mattress for testing

(Image credit: Future)

To show how the foam forgives weight I placed all the weights I had at home – 60kgs, which equates to 9.4 stone –  on top of the mattress. As you can see the weight is cushioned by the two top layers of foam.

Is the eve Hybrid worth the money?

The eve Premium Hybrid is a more than worth the money in our verdict. It’s not the cheapest mattress available from the sleep experts but it is the best, in terms of spec and innovation. It always comes down to the long term investment. Work out the cost per year and it suddenly doesn't feel expensive at all. Plus it comes with a 10-year guarantee, so you can calculate the costs over that period of time. 

If for any reason you conclude the mattress isn't right for you Eve will arrange free collection and refund your money 'in a jiffy - no questions asked' – provided this is within the initial 100 night trial period.

A strong feature that wins it for me is the washable quilted cover – having a mattress cover that can be washed is invaluable. The antibacterial top panel of the mattress can be unzipped and popped in the wash at 40°C. So consider it an investment, designed to last.

How long will the Eve Premium hybrid mattress last?

Hard to answer but in a nutshell we know the premium design comes with a manufactures 10-year guarantee. Meaning you are covered for that length of time, as long as the fault is with the mattress. 10 years is about the recommended lifespan for a mattress, so all good.

Is the eve Hybrid mattress any good? Final verdict

It's the ideal luxury mattress for those looking for a hybrid that feels on the firmer side, with extensive specialist layers that cushion to provide a weightless experience. For me personally the deep cushioning foam feels supportive for correct spine alignment and just squidgy enough to relieve tired limbs of any pressure.

Any element that makes a mattress cleaner is a winner in my eyes. Not only does the quilted cover offer antibacterial properties, the fact you can simply unzip it and pop it in the wash is a dream! You can even buy replacement premium hybrid mattress covers if you so desire, to keep your mattress extra squeaky clean – perhaps an idea to consider after a few years. The covers start from £139 for a double. 

The layers with body temperature control along with optimum springs offer the extra advantage of this mattress being super breathable. It's ideal for hot sleepers, because it really has made a difference to my body temperature while I sleep.

Eve premium hybrid mattress

(Image credit: Future)

What would we change?

Because we have to point out any little thing which may sway your decision, it's only fair to point out the yellow piping is bright. It was noticeable under a white sheet with no mattress protector. But it's easily covered, if you're not a fan of yellow. Most probably wouldn't notice, but we're looking for any detail – no matter how minute, to give the best feedback.

It might also benefit from handles to make moving it a little bit easier. But to be honest it's fairly easy to shift along on the bedstead with an encouraging nudge. It doesn't require flipping like old mattresses. However you may wish to rotate it 180 degrees every now and then to get the most from it, meaning handles would be an added bonus.


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