How to clean a concrete patio – with and without a pressure washer

Make your concrete patio look amazing in just an afternoon

If your concrete patio is more grime than divine, it might be time to start looking into how to clean a concrete patio effectively. An afternoon’s hard work is all it should take to get it looking like new.

Concrete is a practical, affordable, and durable landscaping material – whether laid a driveway, slab, or as paving. While it can be messy, wet work, a yearly clean will be worth the effort and transform any patio ideas. Like any flooring type, try to tackle any spills as they happen, to avoid them being too much effort next clean.

You can clean concrete with a brush, hose, and cleaning solution, or choose the quicker route of a pressure washer. ‘A tired patio can always be revived with a good jet wash,’ says landscape architect and designer Victoria Wade. (opens in new tab)

So, pop on your wellies and follow our easy steps on how to clean your concrete patio or driveway with or without a pressure washer. Then check out these patio decor ideas to make yours look fabulous all summer long.

How to clean a concrete patio: a step-by-step guide

Concrete – whether laid as a slab or individual tiles – has lots of benefits. Not only is it low cost, but it also offers plenty of design choice, thanks to imprints and colours now available. Check out these patio paving ideas if you are looking to replace yours.

A concrete patio is also extremely durable and fairly maintenance free – often an occasional sweep and rinse off will suffice. But if your slabs are looking a little green in places, where water pools, or you’ve moved pots and planters only to discover plant rings, then a clean-up will revitalise.

Cleaning concrete with a pressure washer

1. Start by choosing a mild, overcast day