How to keep the magic of Father Christmas alive as your children grow up

With a few sprinklings of dust and a little hoof print, here are ways to keep Santa alive

As your children grow up and begin asking difficult questions about the enchanting life of Father Christmas, it can become hard to keep the magic man behind the beard alive.

Inquisitive children learn that regular deer can't fly in the sky, ask how it is that Santa can visit multiple countries at once and get wise to your handwriting on the gift tags...

Beyond the usual mince pie, port and letter to the North Pole, here are a few ways to keep the magic alive in your home this Christmas and banish your child's scepticisms.

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1. Leave evidence of Santa's being there

Stomp some of dad's boots in mud and make marks across newspaper around the house. Children will find it fun to trace Father Christmas' footsteps and see that he was there. Dust the area with some flour (aka, snow!) to make it extra special - he must have brought it from the North Pole!

2. Write a note from Father Christmas

girl is posting envelopes

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Children across the globe write letters to Santa in the North Pole but only the very special receive a letter back from the busy man. After his visit, leave a little Christmas card from Father Christmas and the elves praising good behaviour this year.

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3. Sprinkle some glitter trails

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Whether it's from the sleigh, Rudolph's nose or little fairies, leave some magic dust behind and sprinkle glitter around the fireplace, over the food or on top of the presents. This is a sure sign that Santa was here but be sure to hide the evidence as fairies don't carry plastic pots of glitter...

4. Feed Rudolph and his friends

cookies and milk for father christmas

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You've left some food and a tipple out for Father Christmas, but don't forget the reindeers - how else are they going to run all night? Instead of a boring carrot, why not try some oats, shredded lettuce or dried fruit? When they've gobbled it all, leave a hoof print as a thank you.

5. Download a Santa tracker

Download a multitude of Christmas inspired apps from Santa trackers to videos of the elves at work in the shop or even stories of old Christmas tales. These digital apps are visual evidence that Father Christmas and his team must be real and they are on their way.

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6. Leave something from Father Christmas

After leaving footprints and a note, hide something that Santa left behind - maybe his hat, a bauble or his black belt. These precious possessions will act as keepsakes. Don't try this every year though or the kid's may get wise - he can't be that forgetful!

7. Get kids excited early on

father christmas on tree

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On the run up to Christmas Eve speak about Father Christmas, what everyone is hoping for this year and watch lots of Christmassy movies. Keeping the magic of Santa alive starts by getting children excited for the big day early and continuing these traditions year after year.

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