Decorate your rental home for Christmas without upsetting your landlord

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  • A few nifty tricks to give your home a merry makeover without so much as a pin in the wall...

    Hosting Christmas for all the family in your new rental home? We have all the tricks of the trade to make your house feel Christmassy, festive and merry without pinning or painting anything.

    Keep your landlord, and even your mother-in-law, on side with these nifty decorating techniques that won’t damage a wall, skirting board or doorframe…

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    Fill the house with ornate ornaments


    Image credit: Brent Darby

    If you can’t hang things on the walls or pin anything to doorways, then opt for ornaments. Glittery reindeers, giant nutcrackers and charming nativity scenes will create a traditional Christmas feel without upsetting the landlord. Smother mantelpieces, top tables and decorate the base of your tree.

    Redecorate with a wreath


    Image credit: Claire Richardson

    If you can’t go crazy inside, then you always have outside. People are putting exterior lights up, perching trees on their porches and of course the time old tradition – hanging beautiful wreaths. If you don’t want to pin it to your door, cascade the circular garland from ribbon tied to a door handle or brickwork above the frame.

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    Go crazy for candle displays


    Image credit: Simon Brown

    Candles omit a Christmassy glow, warming winter scents and can be glammed up to create opulent table displays. Surround simple tower candles with conifer cones, berries and rings of holly to give off an easy Christmassy vibe without redecorating a thing!

    Go gaga for garlands


    Image credit: Mark Bolton

    Bring the forest inside this winter by draping garlands of holly, ivy and fir across fireplaces, mirrors and winding them up staircases. Botanical displays around the home will instantly give off the smell and look of Christmas without damaging anything.

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    Invest in warm, wintery accessories


    Image credit: Mark Bolton

    With just a few hours of light a day (and even those are clouded, snowy and drizzly!) we all love wrapping up in a cosy onesie and nestling into our cushioned den with a chunky throw. Accessorise this winter with Christmas-inspired and adorned cushions and blankets that will transform that bleak sofa into a sanctuary.

    Decorate a traditional tree


    Image credit: Claire Richardson

    If you’re unsure about pinning things on walls then simply go to town on your Christmas tree. Get the biggest one you can, or a collection of tiny trees, and adorn it with a sprinkling of hundreds and thousands, a scattering of fairy lights and top with a beautiful angel.

    Top it off with an amazing table display


    Image credit: Simon Scarboro

    We all spend a large amount of the big day in the dining room eating and drinking and eating some more, so decorate your table extravagantly. Invest in a large centrepiece and compliment it with fanciful dinner platters, serving spoons and festive flowers for a truly beautiful banquet.

    How will you be decorating your rental home this Christmas?

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