4 upcycling ideas that take less than 1 hour

Fancy getting crafty this weekend? These fab upcycling ideas will take you no time at all.

If you're normally one of those people who throws away things at home that look a bit past it, stop! Retrieve the old noticeboard you have destined for the tip and don't throw away those remnants of fabric because we have some fab upcycling ideas for you to try. Even if you're tight for time, you can still squeeze in one of these easy revamps because they all take less than an hour.

noticeboard with photos and flower vase

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Chevron noticeboard
Lay an old noticeboard on a flat surface covered with a dustsheet and use masking tape to create chevron stripes or a pattern of your choice across the cork. Then paint the edges and the exposed cork. Remove the tape and leave the paint to dry before hanging on your wall.

magazine rack with stripe design and patchwork

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Patchwork magazine racks
Take a couple of wooden magazine racks and paint the insides and upper edges in the colour of your choice. Once it's dry cut out squares of wallpaper or wrapping paper and stick on to the magazine rack with glue to make a patchwork design. Leave to dry before trimming any excess paper with a craft knife. Fro the stripe design, Stick a piece of wrapping over over the magazine rack and smooth out gently. Repeat on all sides, leave to dry and trim any excess paper with a craft knife.

patterned plant pots

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Patterned plant pots
Wash a couple of old plant pots and leave to dry. Paint a layer of PVA glue over the top and lay a bandana scalf over the top with the fabric on the bias (diagonally and one point of the square sticking up at the top and bottom) smooth flat. Trim off any excess with a 1cm overlap at the back of the pot. Cut the fabric around the top and bottom of the pot, leaving 3cm at the top and 1cm at the bottom. Brush PVA glue over the top edge and slightly inside and smooth the fabric flat. Repeat on the bottom edge and brush glue over the whole pot and leave upside down to dry.

personalised cushion

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Personalised cushion
Find an old cushion cover and place masking tape across to create a margin, then a second piece as the top line on which to write. Use a stencil and pencil to draw out your first line of text of a favourite phrase or song lyric. Move the masking tape down for the next line and repeat the stencilling until complete. Put a piece of cardboard inside the cushion cover (in case any ink seeps through) and carefully fill in the pencil marks. Leave to dry, then stuff with a cushion pad.

Amy Hodge

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