5 Scandi style steals from this cool Livingetc home

No one does pared-back design like the Scandis. Check out these innovative ideas for inspiration…

This converted pencil factory home may be all about function over form, but we reckon it inspires serious design envy too...

planter with space divider and chair

(Image credit: Dulux)

1.Use a planter as a space divider
The idea of a dividing planter, between the dining area and the sitting room, was dreamt up by the owner who wanted some greenery to be part of the interior. ‘Having to walk around it makes you mentally adjust to each space,' he says. The planter sits on top of a modular style sideboard he designed. It's sited near the entrance to the apartment and is ideal for storing shoes and outdoor gear.

mini bike hangs with storage and books

(Image credit: TBC)

2. Be bold with storage solutions
Floor to ceiling shelving makes a strong statement and lends a library feel to the study area. ‘Having all that dedicated storage space for books, photo albums and household admin means that everything is easy to find,' says the owner. His mini bike hangs like a sculpture on the wall of the home office.

living room with sofa and wall frame

(Image credit: TBC)

3. Think outside the box to personalise your space
The art on the rear wall is a framed arrangement of nearly 200 hundred Viking pencils in honour of the apartment's heritage. The owner's ‘function inspires form' philosophy is evident in the log store feature. He says: ‘It avoids the need to pick up smaller piles all the time, as we burn a significant amount of logs during the winter, and adds an element of texture.' The stove has glass windows on three sides, so its flames are visible around the apartment.

bedroom with double door and wooden flooring

(Image credit: TBC)

4.Make your bedroom a calm haven
The owner designed the master bedroom as a quiet, calm space. ‘I really like everything all white, with not too many things around,' he says. An old lift shaft was remodelled to create a cosy corner to crash and the double doors, which overlook a central courtyard, allow plenty of sunlight to filter in.

bathroom with wooden table and plant

(Image credit: TBC)

5. Relax in a zen-like bathroom
The owner originally considered making the bathroom dark and moody - ‘like a cave' but opted instead for something a little lighter by finishing the walls with a rough, grainy plaster to lend texture. The result is a calm and tranquil space that is uplifting too.