6 easy craft projects for the uncrafty

Would you love to upcycle a piece of furniture or jazz up an old lampshade but worried about how it will turn out? We've picked six of our favourite craft projects, perfect if you're new to crafting.

wooden chest of drawers with tree design

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Tree bedside table
Give an old bedside table an easy update using sticky-back plastic. Cut out a piece of sticky-back plastic to fit the size of your drawer fronts. Draw out a design or motif on to a piece of paper to use as your template. Use masking tape to secure to the front of the stick-back plastic and cut out your design. Peel off the backing and stick to the drawer fronts, smoothing out any air bubbles until firmly stuck in place.

cylindrical shape pen pots with colour pencils

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Pen pots
Don't throw away old tin cans! Give them a good wash and leave to dry completely. Measure the height of the cans and the cirumference. Mark the measurements out onto wallpaper or gift wrap remnants and wrap around the tins. Secure in place with double-sided tape.

white lamp with colourful buttons hearts shape

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Heart lampTake a plain old lampshade and give it a fresh look with buttons. Pick up a pack of buttons in different shapes and colours from your local craft store and stick to the lampshade in your desired shape with a hot glue gun. Try hearts, stars or even a polkadot design.

white colour teacups with personalised design

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Personalised teacups
We've all got a plain white set of teacups collecting dust in the back of a cupboard, now is the time to dig them out and give them a fresh look. Wash and dry your china to remove any dust. Use a Sharpie pen (they come in a variety of colours) to draw on fun patterns or phrases. Bake your cups in the oven at 180C/Gas 4 to set the ink. Make sure you hand wash the cups rather than putting them in the dishawasher.

white trolley with books and bowls

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There's often an old tea trolley at a car-boot fair or you might even have one gathering dust in the garage. Dig it out and give it a good wash and leave to dry. Then give it a couple of coat's of Annie Sloan Chalk paint (there's no need for sanding or priming). Leave to dry between each coat. When completely dry, apply a layer of clear wax and buff with a soft cloth. Measure the trolley surfaces and cut pieces of wrapping paper or wallpaper and line each one. Stick in place with glue, smoothing out any air bubbles.

rectangle shaped welcome mat with colourful letters

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Welcome mat
Take an old doormat and draw a phrase out using chalk making sure it's centred. Squeeze a thin bead of acrylic paint over your chalk outline of the first letter and use a brush to spread out. Repeat for the other letters in different colours and leave to dry before using.

Amy Hodge

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