6 gift wrap ideas to make your presents stand out

Give your presents the professional touch with our gift wrapping tips and tricks.

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Get creative with your gift wrapping this year and make your presents look as good as your tree. With our simple tips and tricks you can wrap your presents so beautifully, no one will want to open them! Whether you wrap each person's presents in a different style so they can easily be handed out or you reuse items around the home to make your wrapping look special, we think you'll like these ideas.

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Wrap presents in plain paper and cut out Christmas shapes from newspaper, magazines or even wallpaper remnants and stick on as decorations. Look out for paper cutters in festive shapes to make the job easier.

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For a fun way for guests to find their presents, wrap in simple brown paper and create a name tag using an old photo copied onto thick paper or card. It's a good excuse to look through cheesy old photos of relatives!

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It's easy to hoard decorations, with so many beautiful ones in the shops. If you have too many for your tree, use any extra ones to add a pretty finishing touch to presents. Tie to gifts with ribbon or butcher's twine.

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If you have some old books or you can find some in a charity shop, use the pages to wrap your gifts. Then cut strips of pages and fold into bow shapes for a funky way to finish off your presents.

wrap gifts in plain brown or white paper and pick washi tape

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For a simple but creative way to decorate your presents use washi tape to make different patterns or stripes. Wrap gifts in plain brown or white paper and pick washi tape in bold bright colours to make them stand out.

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