7 amazing examples of multi-use furniture for your home

Got a small house? Struggling to avoid clutter? We understand. Take a look at these multi use furniture items to help increase living space.

Sometimes it's diffcult to fit everything you want into one space without making your rooms look overcrowded. Purchasing furniture which has numerous functions is a clever solution. Here at Housetohome we've hunted down the most innovative, cool and practical items that will totally transform your space.

1. The bike shelf

How annoying is it when you have to store a bike inside the house? Maybe you don't have a garden, or maybe your shed is full, either way it's a nightmare. Behold the Bike Shelf. This nifty item serves both as a rack and a shelf and can be
custom made to any bike size and from any type of wood or plastic. This versatility is perfect for frequent bike riders who also may want to keep things out of the way and at the same time.

Bike Shelf, £66, Cycle Hoop

bicycle hung on bike shelf

(Image credit: Cycle Hoop)

2. Wall beds

Wall beds are extremely popular in compact homes. These cool beds can fold up into storage units, completely changing the look of a space. These beds can be particular handy for children sharing one bedroom as twin beds and bunk beds can be folded away to create more room and increase storage- particularly handy when you have double the amount in one room!

Wall bed, from £1,147, The London Wall Bed Company

wall bed with pink bedding

(Image credit: The London Wall Bed Company)

3. The pool dining table

Want to turn your dining space into a games room? This dual-use table ticks all the right boxes. With a traditonal wooden finish which opens up to reveal a pool table underneath, this cool piece of furniture will serve as a conversation starter at any dinner party.

Pool dining table, from £2,300, Michael Allen

pool dinning table with red top

(Image credit: Michael Allen)

4. Storage staircase

Ok, so it's not technically an item of furniture and you will have to ask your carpenter to build it for you, but we love this innovative staircase with shelving idea. Use the cubby holes to store books, trinkets or simply as a place to display items.

wooden storage staircase

(Image credit: Future PLC/ Paul Whicheloe)

5. The office-shelving

Tucking away a home-office in corner shelving is the perfect way to save space. If you want to create a study space but don't have the spare room to convert to an office, this is the perfect solution. Again you'll need to ask your builder to install these (or if you're feeling handy have a go yourself) but this is ideal for people who are short on space and want a fuss-free, simple solution.

white wall shelf with books and wooden table

(Image credit: Future PLC/ Paul Massey)

6. Coffee table with a convertible top

Got stacks of magazines, papers, bills and other household items piled onto your coffee table? This funky piece of furniture converts from a coffee table into a handy storage compartment. All those papers and other small house hold items can be neatly tucked away under the convertible top for a tidier house. You can also leave the top folded out to make food and drink easier to reach, perfect if you're having guests over.

Two block storage coffee table, £249, Dwell

wooden storage coffee table

(Image credit: Dwell)

7. Multi purpose chaise lounge

If your home office also doubles as a guest room, a chaise lounge is a great multi-functional furniture choice. Although it's seen as an extravagent piece of furniture, if you make the right choice it will be comfortable enough for your guests to sleep on, making it a handy investment.

purple chaise lounge with curtain and window

(Image credit: Futire PLC/ Robert Sanderson)