7 brave ideas to give your home wow appeal

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  • Boldy go with dramatic style steals to make your home stand-out special

    1 Personalise your welcome

    This Be Brave neon sign is the first thing you see when entering this inspiring home. You could copy the idea with your own illuminated motto, or create an impact with bold artwork, graffiti, or even a wow piece of art.

    2 Add show stopping art

    This traditional room, used as a home-office, could have ended up, ‘nice but dull.’
    But thanks to a quirky, unexpected piece of art that draws the eye the moment you walk in the room, it makes visitors do a double take. The art, combined with an edgy chandelier, makes the room come alive.

    3 Luxe out with storage

    We all need as much storage as we can get but there is no reason why it should end up looking dull and drab. These luxurious looking mirror-fronted cupboards work on many levels – they offer lots of space, reflect light in an otherwise dark basement and are a wow factor in themselves.

    4 Make a big impact in a small space

    Decorating the WC, or Powder Room as they call them in the US, gives you carte blanche to go a bit crazy. And why not? There are plenty of ideas in this sunburst orange room, but you could also create a collage of magazine tear sheets or family photos. Or make a DIY
    decoupage of birds, flowers, butterflies…. whatever takes your fancy!

    5 Bold up the bedroom

    ‘If you’ve got the space nothing beats a proper master bedroom and bathroom suite,’ says the owner of this home who knocked together three rooms. It means not only is there enough room for a big deluxe bed with a dramatic headboard, there is space to lounge on a sofa. ‘I feel I could spend all day in this room sometimes,’ says the owner.

    6 Use mirror to sparkling effect

    Mirror wardrobes add a touch of luxe and boost light levels in this central section of the house. They ramp up the glam factor by reflecting what’s nearby – in this case a French chandelier and faux fur throw. Just keep what’s on show worthy of a mirror image!

    7 Boldly go in the bathroom

    Take inspiration from this beautiful bathroom that ticks all the boxes for brave design. A bold pedestal sink and oversized mirror make it stand-out special, and flashes of firey orange turn up the heat.

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