7 style steals to glam up your home

Rich fabrics, sumptuous shades, luxe finishes and bold statements will lift your home to another level of luxe...

shelf on wall and luxe printed wallpaper and sunglass

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1 Cultivate a corner
Luxe printed wallpaper and a small but beautiful edit of special objets will bring a sparkle to any area. Ideal for a welcome in the hallway, especially if there isn't room for a console, a bedroom, bathroom or even a kitchen corner.

kitchen room with brick wall

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2 Go bold in the kitchen
This space could be described as masculine glamour - and why not? But it's an easy idea to interpret for any kitchen - shiny black metro tiles, a run of steel appliances and a big wow feature to add drama. It should certainly get those ideas flowing!

dining room with dining table and curtains on window

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3 Luxe out in the dining room
This space is actually quite simple but it owes it's glam appeal to those beautiful silky drapes, and light-reflecting table and chairs. Clever accessories in the way of oversized baubles focus the eye - but you'd have to move them, or reduce them, when it comes to meal times.

living room with white wall and sofa

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4 More is more in the living room
This sumptuous space is full of glam ideas - and they all work because it's a fairly large room. Choose your inspiration from just a couple - that amazing pendant light, brass trimmed coffee table or indulgent art - and you'll find your space transformed.

entrance hall and white wall and frame on wall

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5 Make an entrance
A few luxe touches make all the difference and set the tone the moment you walk through the door. Go for a glam pendant light, gilded accessories, or brass-trimmed furniture and your hall will take on a warm welcome.

bedroom with hear warming wallpaper

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6 Add a touch of Hollywood in the bedroom
Sweet dreams are guaranteed in a beautiful brass four-poster like this! The glamorous theme is echoed in gold-trimmed silky curtains, a gold pendant and bedside table. Not to mention that hear-warming wallpaper. No need to leave this room really.

bathroom with white wall and bathtub

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7 Bathroom glamour

Take inspiration from this beautiful bathroom that ticks all the boxes for sumptuous style. It's cool and calm white shell is enhanced with subtle brass fittings that keep the space tranquil - perfectly finished with an amazing retro pendant light.