8 amazing examples of ‘knolling’ around the home

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  • We can't get enough of knolling - the process of arranging related objects as a method of organisation

    Chances are you’ve not heard of the term ‘knolling’ before, but trust us, in the last few months it’s become an instagram sensation. Or, as we like to think, an organiser’s dream. Knolling basically refers to a unique way of grouping and organising similar objects and then photographing from above. Many people insist that items should be grouped parallel or at 90% degree angles (we think the display should be as creative as you want). But before you head on over to Instagram, here at Housetohome we’ve selected a few stunning examples of knolling to whet your appetite.

    1. The traditional baker

    Ready to bake your way through the Bake Off? Now’s the time to sort out all your ingredients and cooking equipment. Fan measuring spoons out, place cups inside bigger ones and, above all, have fun!

    2. The cook’s table

    Gather your items together, be liberal with the amount of chopping boards you need (wood on wood always looks great) and have fun grouping together all your pots and pans. Throw in some food for good measure. Voila!

    3. Study solutions

    Firstly you need some pretty stationery, then you need to group your letters, notebooks and folders together (make sure you put the largest at the bottom). This stylish desk has been knolled to perfection!

    4. Foodie heaven

    Not sure what to cook tonight? Instead of rifling through all your cupboards and turning your kitchen upside down, there is nothing more statisfying that creating a knolling scene to be proud of!

    5. Potting shed

    Ready for a weekend of gardening? Make sure you have all your items neatly organised before you head out. From seed packets to plant labels, this knolling scene is ideal for the green fingered.

    6. Beautility-chic

    Tap into to another rising trend – beautility-chic. From giant wooden pegs arranged over linen laundry bags to traditional soap organised inside a woven basket, we’re in love with this little beautility knoll.

    7. Beauty basics

    Next time you’re preparing for a pampered evening, what about grouping all your items together and taking a fantastic bird-eye shot? This selection of treats looks simply dreamy…

    8. The perfect picnic

    Flask? Check. Picnic blanket? Check. From a cosy rug to some practical tupperware, this example of picnic-themed knolling gets our vote!

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