8 stunning ways to decorate your home with papercraft

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  • Whether you make them yourself or buy them ready made, paper decorations can give you a whole new look

    At Christmas, our homes are filled with pretty decorations, often made out of simple materials, such as paper and card. They aren’t expensive, but they are beautiful and make everything look cheerier and happier. So it’s dawned on us, here at Housetohome, that paper decorations can be used to brighten up a home at any time of year. Here are some great ways to make them work for you…

    1 Dot giant paper honeycomb balls around any room you like
    If there are other colours in your scheme, stick to versatile white, as it won’t clash. Alternatively, in a neutral space, you can be as bold as you dare. Hobbycraft is a good place to look for honeycomb decorations and has a variety of colours.

    2 Create a pretty picture
    Butterflies and bright colours are winners, and the 3D element is totally cool, too. You could try making something like this yourself. Just make sure that the frame you choose has enough space inside to accommodate your craftwork.

    3 Be decorative outdoors
    Hang paper pom-poms around your garden for a fun look that is ideal for a sunny garden party.

    4 Add interest to a neutral space
    This room is all about texture, with its cluster of hanging paper stars and streamers on the wall, which create a wave effect.

    5 Make a star your hero
    A lone five-point star hung above a mantelpiece creates a cool Scandi-style centrepiece. If you’re making your own, use strong card so it holds its shape.

    6 Relearn a childhood favourite
    Papier mâché isn’t just for kids. We absolutely love these pretty letters.

    7 Go wildIf you’re fearful of taxidermy, but like the look, papier mâché animal heads could be for you. They may be a little quirky, but they certainly show how much can be achieved with paper.

    8 Choose paper flowers
    They will last far longer than real blooms, and can look absolutely amazing, as this picture shows.

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