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  • Chrissie Rucker shares her top tips to create the perfect white scheme

    1.”A white scheme is brilliant for bringing lightness and serenity to a
    space and white-painted walls will instantly brighten up a gloomy room.
    Always opt for warm whites rather than cold, bluey-based tones. Ivory,
    alabaster, chalk: there are countless soft whites on the market so get
    in some sample pots and try before you buy.”

    2. “”Creating a white scheme doesn’t mean you have to neglect colour completely. Adding accents of one or two bolder shades can lift a room and bring it to life. Against a white background, any colour will stand out forcibly, so choose with care and keep it subtle. Soft neutrals, such as natural linen, cream, oyster, soft pale grey and knocked-back blue, will always look smart. And because pale, ‘receding’ tones such as these calm and relax us, they also help to create a lovely tranquil feel.”

    3. “The bonus of a white scheme is that it tricks the eye by expanding space visually, so it can effectively make a small space seem bigger. And of course, it is the perfect plain backdrop for all furnishings and accessories, whether we opt for a wrap around white look or just a white tabletop.”

    4. A few white finishing touches can pull the theme together for the perfect white room. Display fresh white flowers in a glass vase or enamel jug, use white lacquer trays or drawers for organizing knick-knacks and add a gorgeously scented candle and stunning table lamp for instant ambience and a welcoming glow.”

    5. “Freestanding lamps add instant atmosphere to a room and will make any
    space feel cosier and more intimate than a solitary overhead light
    source. Choose designs you like and that work with the overall scheme of
    your interior and don’t feel you have to stick to one style.”

    6. “Prevent a room from looking stark by mixing fabrics in different
    textures with and shades. Crisp white linen mixed with textured
    seersucker stripes and a knitted throw and cushions creates the perfect
    foundation for a bed. Do be sure to keep the styling casual.”

    7. “Natural white candles will always look smart and, by sticking to one colour, you can combine different shapes and heights in a group without it looking disjointed. If you have no fireplace, fill the hearth (or just an empty corner) with a mass of candles to create an appealing flickering glow – an instant warm up for any gloomy sitting room.”

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