What's your dirty little secret? The nation's cleaning habits are revealed!

Shocking stats reveal the country treats their home more like a sty than a castle

The nation's dirty little secrets are out!

We change our bed sheets just twice a year, we implement the 5-second rule on everything edible that touches the ground and we are happy to go commando if it saves doing the laundry...

How many of these are true for you?

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Shocking statistics from a survey carried out by Method (opens in new tab) have revealed we are neglecting our spring cleaning (opens in new tab) duties.

It turns out that 20% of us aren't ashamed to dig in the dirty washing pile when short of a shirt for work, and some of us would even buy something new if it saved us using the iron.

Along with that, a fifth of the nation admit to spending more time organising their wardrobe than they do cleaning, which explains why 13% of the UK clean their bathrooms just twice a year!

So, whilst we take pride in our personal appearance, it appears our homes aren't quite the castles they used to be in the bleach-happy 80s.

We're also eating dirty - quite literally - as 15% of us are happy to eat off the floor and 14%
of us never wash their hands before eating.

Believe it or not, the older generation are the culprits here as 18-24 year olds show signs of better hygiene.

But it's not that we enjoy living in a pig sty, it's just that we don't want to get our own hands dirty.

Clare Burke, UK Marketing Manager at Method, says: "As modern life becomes increasingly hectic it's not surprising that we're continually inventing clever shortcuts to save time and get away with doing as little as possible.

"Employing a cleaner is a great solution to those working long hours and our research proves how important they are to people today."

Millie Hurst
Millie Hurst

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