Colour by Cluedo: the sinister schemes of 6 criminal characters

From Reverend Green's seemingly serene lounge to Mrs White's unangelic dining room, uncover the lethal looks of Cluedo's power players

Ever wondered what lies beneath Mrs Peacock's steely gaze or Professor Plum's intellectual façade? Read our round-up of bold schemes chosen with these colourful characters in mind.

Mrs Peacock

Grand, dignified and full of style, this old dame is not to be
underestimated. A decadent hallway is her scene of choice, with rich
fabrics, opulent patterns and intricate stonework, decorated in dazzling tones of
azure blue. Notes of gold seal her title as the most majestic murderess
on the block.

hallway with peacock and stair case and chair

(Image credit: TBC)

Colonel Mustard

A straight-talking imperialist with a stiff upper lip, this
military man needs a serious study to reflect his no-nonsense nature.
Mid-century string shelving and clean, angular lines create a masculine
scheme – the perfect spot for this dignified fellow to plot his next

home office with yellow wall and shelves and desk and white chairs

(Image credit: TBC)

Miss Scarlett

Filled with allure, Cluedo's young minx is the game's unashamed femme fatale. This room's sumptuous velour fabrics and deep burgundy shades are a perfect match for her feminine wiles and cunning prowess – what better place to seduce her next victim? Ooh là là!

dining area with red curtains and white wall and wooden floor and table and chairs

(Image credit: TBC)

Professor Plum

A supposedly absent-minded archaeologist, Pro Plum is a shady
character who needs a colour palette to match his murky past. Don't be
fooled by the modern white accents – deep aubergine hues reveal this
room's mysterious dark side. Still not convinced? The scheme comes
complete with a candlestick for extra whodunit points.

living area with white sofa and deep aubergine colour wall

(Image credit: TBC)

Mrs White

Overworked and underpaid, this disgruntled servant deserves a room of her own. A modern white dining room is just the ticket, with layers of crisp tones interspersed with understated furniture. Just watch out for hidden daggers...

dining area with white wall and dinner table with tablecloth and chairs

(Image credit: TBC)

Reverend Green

Seemingly serene, the Reverend is perhaps the most underhand of the lot. Full of soothing forest tones, this room's gentle palette looks just as innocent as he does – but watch out, darkness lurks in every corner.

living area with green wall and white sofa

(Image credit: TBC)

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