Create a bird-inspired feature wall in 2 simple steps

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  • Set your sights on feathered friends with this stylish wall feature idea

    Put up a favourite species in flight using paper bird profiles created on craft or handmade paper. Over the next few weeks many of our favourite birds will be returning to Great Britain. Head out into the countryside and look to the skies for inspiration…

    Take your camera outside and photograph birds as they soar and swoop. Your images will reveal fantastic shapes and patterns which you can use as a craft starting point.

    Try studying and sketching birds to harness their unique characters and shapes as they fly, feed, nest and nurture. Use watercolours, pastels and pencils for quick ways to capture and illustrate their changing behaviour.

    Use the colouring of a bird as a palette for your craft story. From bright to smudgy, their feathers feature all manner of tones to suit a country scheme.

    Collect bird images that can be used for crafting. Gift wrap, cards and magazines are all good sources, or try tiles, cookie cutters, buttons and badges.

    To make, you will need:

    • Bird stencil, sketch or free-to-copy illustrations from websites such as Openclipart.
    • Textured paper
    • Diluted wallpaper paste OR non-staining tack adhesive
    • Scissors

    Step 1 Draw, trace and cut out shapes of birds such as swifts and swallows onto paper. Choose tonal coloured papers and change them according to seasons for an on-trend look.

    Step 2 Paste the shapes to the wall with diluted wallpaper paste for a permanent display, or use a non-staining tack adhesive such as UHU White Tack for a temporary feature. If you fancy a 3D effect, just glue the middle of the birds to the wall and watch them flutter and create shadows.

    If you’ve got bird shapes left, use them to give plain writing pads and notebooks a personalised feel.

    Paste the backs of the birds with paper glue, such as PVA, and stick the
    shapes to the front of the book, smoothing any air bubbles with a brush
    then leave to dry. Why not make a few books and tie with a ribbon for a
    thoughtful gift idea?

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