Create a retro display with fabric hoops

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    Raid your fabric stash for pieces with a retro feel to decorate an empty wall, it makes a very pretty display. These fabric-covered hoops are so easy to copy – all you need is a selection of floral and plain prints. Try eBay and Donna Flower for vintage-style fabrics and keep an eye out in your local charity shop for larger fabric items, such as curtains or even blouses, that can be cut up and used.

    You will need:
    Different-sized wooden embroidery hoops Large scraps of fabric Iron & ironing board Fabric scissors
    PVA glue Panel pins or suitable wall fixings to hang Hammer

    Step one
    If you are planning to mix and match fabrics, decide which fabric you are going to use for which size of hoop. To help you decide, lay out your fabrics on a flat surface. Once happy, unfold and press each fabric piece with the iron.

    Step twoSeparate your first embroidery hoop by unscrewing the screw at the top. Then lay your fabric over the smaller ring, placing the larger ring on top, catching the fabric between the two. Replace the screw, making sure it’s at the top of any directional pattern on your fabric (if it’s a ditsy print, then it doesn’t matter which way up you have it).

    Step three
    Using the fabric scissors, trim away the excess fabric, following the curve of the hoop, leaving about 2cm. Then run a line of PVA glue around the inner frame edge (this is the reverse side of your fabric). Neatly fold the excess fabric in, onto this glue, and hold until secure. Hang your hoops on the wall.

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