Create a showstopper with these beautiful vase displays

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  • Round vases, blue vases, glass vases, tall vases - everything you need to know to style your flowers this spring

    With Mother’s Day, Easter and spring coming up you can
    (hopefully) expect an influx of tulips, and daffodils around the home.

    Instead of chucking them in any old vase and placing them on the nearest table, get creative with your display. Whether it’s coordinating your flower colour to your vase, trying out artistic displays or showcasing them all at once, we have the perfect guide to upgrade your spring bouquet.

    Colour coordinate the vase with the vine

    Colour coordinate your books, vases and flowers like this wall unit. There is nothing more eye-catching than Calla Lilies poking out of a yellow vase alongside a stack of buttercup books.

    Stack them up high

    Bulbous vases are beautiful but when they’re towered up high, they reach another realm. These flowers have been removed from their stems and carefully arranged in a Jenga style stack of bowls to show off the buds in a creative way.

    Enjoy a little Easter influence

    In the name of Easter we had to include this display! Porcelain cups hold pastel painted eggs that have been cracked to expose a flourishing flower bud from the top.

    Dangle them from a thread

    Suspend delicate flower stems in paper-thin vases of all shapes and sizes by dangling them from ultrafine wire. The sun will shine through the vase and illuminate the bud to make it look even more spectacular.

    Personalise your displays

    Large table posies are so yesterday! Now it’s all about adorning each of your guests with a personal flower bouquet at the dinner table. After the feast guests can take these miniature bouquets home with them like party favours.

    Mismatch the colours

    Show off all your vases, however big and bright, and all your flowers together on one table. The simple yet stunning display isn’t choreographed and the flowers aren’t perfectly placed, but that’s all part of the charm.

    Serve in a teacups

    Show off some tea-riffic flowers in a creative way by dissecting the bouquet and splitting the buds amongst a few teacups and saucers. It’s truly original and quintessentially charming, especially at a Mother’s Day afternoon tea.

    Show off something other than flowers

    Vases aren’t strictly reserved for flowers and these innovative shapes show off a burnt display of potpourri beautifully. Stand them together to make a feature piece on the fireplace or distribute them around the house.

    Create a uniformed look

    Instead of displaying just one statement vase, try standing loads of them together for the ultimate show-stopping table centrepiece. This aqua blue sculpts the rest of the table’s colour scheme and looks striking with similar coloured flowers.

    Display them like art

    Show ultra chic and modern vases off like artwork on shelves and benches around the house, even if they don’t have flowers in them. This wall looks straight out of a museum showcasing unique, glass-blown shapes and swirls.

    Triple your display

    Don’t settle for one vase, split it into three. These long, single stem vessels are an elegant addition to an exquisite dinner and allow the flowers to be appreciated by guests and not overlap one another.

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