Gold accents to give your home instant glamour

Gold accents to give your home instant glamour

What could be more glamorous than adorning your home with a splash of gold? The shimmering metallic colour has made a resurgence, not only in decorative objects, but in large-scale furnishings and wallpapers. Plus, with its sunny character, a golden chair, desk or scattering of cutlery will make rooms feel infinitely warmer.

Work it

study room with rug on floor and wooden desk with chair

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Add a hint of glamour to your home office with understated gold seen on the desk and chair. Silk curtains and muted colours on the walls complete the look.

Golden eye

bedroom with floral printed green walls and white door

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This striking green wallpaper is a great starting point for an Oriental scheme. The golden mirror and hanging lights add to the look, while also enhancing the glamorous feel.

Go back to black

living room with black round mirror on printed golden walls

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Limiting the palette in this living room to gold, black and white unites the scheme and keeps it simple and chic. Using bold oversized accessories, such as candlesticks, will add drama to the room.

Pull up a seat ...

dining room with light blue wall and table with golden chairs

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Accents of gold on the chairs and tableware creates an elegant dining area. Choose a pale backdrop for a calm and welcoming feel, while the stripy table linen adds a relaxed touch.

Top table

golden cutlery with printed blue plates and golden forks

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Understated yet elegant, a table laid with beautifully patterned crockery and golden cutlery will add some glamour to any dinner party - perfect for the upcoming festive season.

Nod off

bedroom with golden linen pillows and black table lamp

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Luxurious and shimmering gold bed linen is teamed with deep blue tones and polished wood to create an inviting bedroom feel.

Take a dip

bathroom with golden bathtub and white tiled flooring

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A free-standing golden bath imparts instant luxury when set against the weathered walls.