7 ways to design your home with your hobbies in mind

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  • Crazy about golf? Got a hankering for history? Isn’t it about time we start decorating our homes to reflect our personal pastimes?

    1. Get your green on, inside

    Instead of neglecting your home to favour pottering around the garden, why not combine the two? For the green-fingered, indoor plants are the perfect things to satisfy your gardening needs without having to layer up and face the cold. Spend a little time on them, and plants can really make a house feel like a home.

    2. Show off your skills, however amateur

    Whatever type of art or craft you’re into, your interior is a great place to get creative, and show off your skills. Paint can always be painted over! And if you’re really lacking on the performance side of things, invest in a wallpaper like this one that illustrates your interest.

    3. Display your favourite equipment – in bulk!

    Less isn’t always more. Having equipment lying around is a more discreet way to show off your hobby. The organised chaos of stockpiled supplies shows off your passion, but doesn’t dominate over your home’s real design. This mass of cameras not only catches the eye, but will inevitably come in handy for real photography lovers; a great way to quickly capture the unexpected.

    4. Set up an indoor play station

    You don’t have to have a creative hobby to be inventive.
    There’s a wealth of beautiful furniture out there, just waiting to be personalised. Sports lover? This bar trolley is the perfect way to add wit to a modern home, and a game of indoor golf after drinking is never a bad idea, right? Besides, with a timeless piece, your hobby as decoration can come and go as you please.

    5. Live your hobby through wall and floor decoration

    Got a knack for origami? Why not make your own wallpaper?
    Invest in your favourite pastime and transform your home into a hobby-haven;
    you can create a completely unique design and impress guests with your originality. If you hate paper-folding, track down a statement rug, or quirky side table that satisfies the look and creates an effortless design.

    6. Collect objects that reflect your passion

    If you don’t want your hobby to define your home, why not incorporate it more faintly into your design? Have a ‘hobby corner’, where you can let loose without going overboard. Collect treasures when you can, and your passion can flourish in full display. We love this history-centric desk, the perfect place to practice your Latin and sing along to Greensleeves.

    7. Be open to a little bit of playfulness

    You might risk some arguments with your partner, but why not have a little fun while decorating? Find some quirky household additions to express your hobby, and really highlight them in your home. This fishing-focused living room doesn’t have to last a lifetime, but who knows, your partner may even learn to love it.

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