How to create a dreamy wall hanging with a ball of yarn

For a quick bedroom makeover
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  • Giving your bedroom a bohemian makeover doesn’t need to cost a fortune. Just a few well-placed houseplants and this DIY wall hanging can take your room from shabby to chic.

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    Tasselled wall hangings can set you back a small fortune in Urban Outfitters. However, you can easily create your own with a ball of yarn and a couple of things you have lying around the house.

    Encouraging people to tap into their creative side, has created a series of DIY projects. Including how to make a tasselled wall hanging.

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    ‘Tassel wall hangings have been making a comeback over the last few years with a more modern look,’ explains Rebecca Snowden, interior style advisor at ‘This step by step guide will put your creative skills to the test and teaches you to improvise with a ball of yarn and a wood dowel.’

    How to make a DIY wall hanging

    What you’ll need:

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    A wood dowel, 1.3cm in diameter and 61cm in length
    9 large wood beads
    9 small wood beads
    Hardcover notebook
    A ball of yarn

    The first step in creating the wall hanging is making your own tassels. These are the centrepiece that will really make your hanging stand out from the crowd.

    Tassels step by step

    1. Cut a piece of yarn and hold it against the spine of your notebook to make the foundation of the tassel. Wrap the rest of the yarn over this piece and around the notebook 30 times. Cut off the excess.

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    2.Double knot the first piece of yarn along the spine of the notebook around the wrapped yarn.

    3. Cut the yarn down the opposite side of the notebook.

    DIY wall hanging 7

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    4. Put the tassel on a piece of yarn, then double knot it to form the tassel head. Neaten up the tassel by cutting off any scraggly pieces at the bottom.

    5. Repeat to create 12 tassels.

    DIY wall hanging 9

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    Once you have your tassels made it is time to assemble your wall hanging.

    Putting it together step by step

    1. Tie each end of the dowel with a piece of yarn. This is the part that will be hung against the wall.

    DIY wall hanging

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    2. Tie on a piece of yarn at the end of the dowel. Double knot it, making sure the knot it facing down. You can add a bit of super glue to make sure it stays in place.

    3. Repeat step two working along the dowel until you have nine evenly spaced out pieces of yarn.

    DIY wall hanging 1

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    4. Slide 1 large wooden bead onto one of these pieces of yarn. Tie the yarn around the bead to keep it in place. Then slide 1 small bead on the yarn and tie a triple knot underneath it to keep it in place.

    5. Attach a tassel to the end of the yarn by tying it through the top loop of the tassel. Double knot it before cutting off the excess yarn.

    6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for each piece of yarn, alternating the height of the beads and tassels to create your own original design.

    DIY wall hanging 2

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    7. Choose two threads of yarn to add a second tassel to. Don’t cut off the extra yarn after attaching the first tassel. Leave it long and use it to attach the second tassel below.

    8. Cut off the excess yarn, and tie an extra piece of yarn around the bottom head of the tassel and the yarn it’s having from to keep everything in place.

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    It might be a little bit fiddly, but in no time you will have made a dreamy homemade wall hanging.

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