This brilliant DIY garden tool storage is made using an old wooden pallet

Make your own garden storage solution in four easy steps
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  • Fancy trying your hand at making your own garden tool storage? Follow these easy steps for upcycling an old wooden pallet, turning it into a DIY storage solution – for minimal cost.

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    The understated pallet garden storage features hooks for hanging tools with ease. Plus an extra storage space at the back, for all your garden knick-knacks.

    garden tool storage

    Image credit: ManoMano

    What you will need

    A pallet and 3 extra pallet boards

    Orbital sander

    Mitre saw or hand saw

    Drill or screwdriver

    Wood screws

    Wall hooks

    Wood varnish

    Paint brush

    Step 1: Sand the pallet DIY garden tool storage how to steps

    The first step is to sand the pallet. Do a thorough job by using an orbital sander, sanding both the top and back. Also sand three extra boards – taken from a second pallet.

    If the pallet’s in very bad condition, it’s recommend to start with a highly coarse grain paper – to remove splinters and flaws. Once those are removed give the whole pallet a once over with a medium grain sand paper for a smooth finish.

    Step 2: Cut and drill the extra boards

    Increase the storage spaces potential on the pallet, by adding hidden storage in the back – using the three extra boards.

    Cut the boards to the width of the pallet. It’s recommended to use either a mitre saw or a hacksaw.
    Screw the boards on to the back of each crossbeam on the base of the pallet.

    Doing so creates three spaces on the back which can be used to store small tools and implements. You could even use this extra space as a planter, to incorporate the pallet seamlessly into its garden surroundings.

    Step 3: Protect and decorate

    painting a pallet

    Image credit: ManoMano

    The next step is to preserve your handiwork.  A coat of varnish will protect against the outdoor elements. Choose a secondary coloured varnish to add a decorate touch.

    When applying varnish, you will need a minimum of two coats to allow the product to penetrate the wood fully and offer proper protection.

    If you want to add a colour, the varnished pallet is no ready.

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    Step 4: Attach hooks

    attching hooks to the DIY garden tool storage pallet

    Image credit: ManoMano

    To complete the garden tool storage you’ll need handy hooks. It’s recommend to use plastic or stainless steel hooks and mounts, to weather the outdoor elements.

    Attach several different styles to provide all manner of handy storage purposes. ManoMano suggest:

    Hooks to hang a garden hose
    U-shaped mounts to hold a spade/rake
    Various coat hooks
    Handles to hang S-shaped hooks from

    DIY garden tool storage

    garden tool storage

    Image credit: ManoMano

    And there you have it, a DIY garden storage solution that, once safely affixed to the wall or shed, is ready to fulfil all your garden tool storage needs.

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