Easy craft projects that take less than 3 hours

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  • Like crafting but don't want to spend all weekend doing it? Take a look at the four ideas to add a personal touch to your home and they will only take a few hours.

    When it comes to the weekend, life can get busy and you don’t always have the time to sit down and do those things around the home you’ve wanted to. Whether it’s making a cushion from a piece of fabric you picked up or framing some snaps from a recent holiday. Here, we’ve got four great crafting projects you can enjoy and the best bit, they only take a few hours.

    Personalised cushions

    Make matching Mr & Mrs cushions for a personalised touch in your bedroom. Take two matching cushions, why not try colours that will stand out against your bedding? Take some iron on letters and place in the centre of the cushions and carefully iron on following the pack instructions.

    Funky noticeboard

    Give a plain noticeboard a modern update. Use masking tape to mark out a chevron design or you could create checks, zig zags or stripes. Pick a sample paint pot in your favourite colour and paint the pattern over the noticeboard to create the pattern. Carefully peel off the masking tape to reveal the design and leave to dry.

    Chalkboard stickers

    Create easy chalkboard wall art. Draw the design of your choice on the back of chalkboard sticky back plastic. You could draw hearts, stars, letters or keep it simple with rectangles and squares. Cut out the design, peel off the backing paper and stick to the wall, smoothing out any air bubbles as you go.

    Mini photo gallery

    Make a mini photo gallery. Cut grey card to 33cm x 24cm. Cut four pieces of white glossy card to 10cm x 8cm. Use a scalpel to make a square in each. Trim photos to fit behind each square, with overlap. Glue. Cut two piece of string longer than the width of the grey card. Fix as shown and clip on photos with mini pegs. Pop back in a frame, using Blue-Tack to create a gap.

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