Embrace the simple life with these easy back to basics tips

Learn to love the simple life again by going back to basics around the home

Ah, the simple life. How we'd love to ditch the modern gadgets and get back to basics. No, we don't mean adopting a pig or generating off-grid electricity (although we wouldn't mind doing either of these). Nor are we suggesting you turn into modern-day versions of Tom and Barbara from The Good Life. But, here at Housetohome we love a bit of simple living - so we've found a few great ways to bring your life, and your home, back to basics.

Grow your own plants in a window box

balcony area with flower pots and window box

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There is something charming about wandering past a beautiful house with windowsill full of cascading aubrieta and tangled ivy stems. In the summer open the windows and let these flowers fill the home with a wonderful fresh perfume. It's time to get planting and bring the nostalgic window box back.

Bake your own bread

restaurant room with baking bread

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We are all guilty of gorging on warm baked bread stuffed with walnuts, raisins and olives at restaurants - are you hungry yet? Now, imagine having that great taste at home every day... Toast, sandwiches and pizza bases will never be the same again once you get kneading.

Keep chickens in the garden

garden with hammock and chickens

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Troublesome chickens come with a bit of a reputation, but once you've tasted a fresh, double-yolked egg first thing in the morning, it all becomes worth it. Loads of online companies and garden centres are also making it easier for you to keep happy chickens in the smallest of gardens too.

Learn how to knit

yellow coloured crochet ball yarn with knitting needles

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It may remind you of your dozing Grandma on a Sunday afternoon, but knitting is the new ‘it' hobby. Nothing quite matches the feeling of a scarf or blanket you've carefully crafted on a chilly winter evening using only colours and materials you have selected.

Plant your own herbs

room with wooden flooring and plants on shelves

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Forget those plastic pockets of sweaty, limp herbs from the supermarket and plant your own kitchen herb garden to ensure you always have your staple ingredients at the freshest and best quality. Simply sprinkle a few seeds into some little cans, pots or baskets and watch as the sprouting herbs come to life.

Make homemade jam

home made jams with glass jar

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If it's good enough for the Duchess of Cambridge, it's good enough for us. After Kate Middleton made the royal family jam for Christmas a few years ago, we've all gone jammie for homemade jam. Get glazing your cakes, porridge and sandwiches in homemade sticky syrups that are so much tastier (and healthier) than the jarred stuff.

Care for your own veg

table with vegetables on green coloured plate

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Allotment patches may sound awfully old fashioned to you but trust us, they're making a come back and you'll want to be on board. On a small patch in your garden or even in a box in the utility room, sprinkle some seeds and watch them grow into crisp carrots and juicy tomatoes.


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