Home gym decorating and design ideas

Shape up a dedicated room in your own home for exercise with these fit for purpose home gym and training room ideas

In this day and age exercise and healthy living is a big part of many people's lifestyles. But not all of use want to fork out on hefty gym bills or travel to a studio full of other perspiring bodies at the end of a hard day. If exercising in the comfort of your own home is an appealing prospect then read on, as we've pulled together these inspirational and stylish home gyms to get you motivated. Whether you have enough space for a treadmill and exercise bike in your garage or simply need a small corner to roll out your yoga mat in your bedroom these home gym ideas will work up a sweat...

Vintage style

home gym with white wall and punching bag

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This loft conversion has been turned into a timeless and classic training room using everyday home furnishings. A rattan rug makes exercise comfortable, while a hallway bench with wicker storage keeps gym equipment stored neatly in one place. There is even a laundry basket for used towels once you've finished.

Bright inspiration

home gym with grey treadmill and wooden floor

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Liven up a grey treadmill with a home gym full of energising colour. Mount a storage station on the wall to keep towels and refreshments tidy and keep weights neatly stacked using a regular shoe store bench. This training room even has a fridge to keep you hydrated with cool drinks during your workout.

Minimal chic

attic room with white wall and wooden floor and brown punching bag

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Make your training room as domesticated as possible by keeping the space simple and airy with a light palette, then add subtle interest with a decorative and homely wallpaper. Position your gym equipment by a window to keep exercising interesting with a view. This type of home gym is also practical if you need to occasionally swap it easily back into a guest room or home office should the need arise.

Small spaces

bedroom with pink and purple dumbbells and yoga mat

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Not all exercise regimes require a multitude of bulky gym equipment, which is handy if you do not have a spare room or garage to convert. A corner of your bedroom can be made into a relaxing retreat to lift light weights, practise yoga or quiet meditation. Create a zone to concentrate behind an attractive privacy screen or divider and simply lay out your yoga mat to get going.

Cool colour

home gym with white wall and wooden floor

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Alternatively, if you do have the space to go all out with plenty of exercise machines give yourself a reminder that you are in fact in the comfort of your own home by choosing a shade of wall paint not normally associated with commercial gyms like this refreshing aqua.

Motivational messages

gym with tiles floor and white wall

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This stylish home gym has been given a burst of inspirational energy with bright colour and encouraging words to you keep spirits hight. Mirrors mounted on opposite walls not only lets you keep an eye your technique but gives the narrow room the illusion of additional space.

Exercise outside

gym garage with wooden floor and gym equipment

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If an indoor home gym is not an option why not build a dedicated cabin or summerhouse in your garden for your exercise plan? This classic version has double doors to allow plenty of fresh air into the garden room. A few motivational black and white prints of athletes complete the high-end look.

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