How to add a final flourish to your fireplace

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  • Brilliant ideas for making a feature of your fireplace

    1. Mirror mirror
    This elegant ensemble offers a new spin on the classic mirror over the fireplace look. Rather than a single wall-hung design, two round mirrors are propped on the mantelpiece, adding to the quirky, distinctive mood created by the wallpaper and preventing its pattern from overbearing by offering a view of the white ceiling and chandelier.

    2. Layers of style
    For a tactile effect, a carved wooden mirror and vintage tin tiles make an ornate display on this mantelpiece. Their soft shades and intricate pattern make a visually satisfying combination in an otherwise subtly decorated space.

    3. Geometry lesson
    A set of angular objects against hand-printed wooden tiles achieves a modern look on this stone fireplace surround. Pastel shades soften the overall effect of this contemporary take on classic ornamental display.

    4. Sitting pretty
    In a bedroom, positioning a vintage chair next to the fireplace lends an element of comfort and luxury. The pale-blue palette ensures the mood is delicate yet relaxed.

    5. Rich timber
    Rather than hiding away the fuel for your fire, turn it into part of its allure. The natural graining of the logs beneath this contemporary fireplace are striking against the grey stone and echo the timber on the walls.

    6. Rainbow bright
    A colourful garland draped on this simple stone fire surround lends a touch of vibrancy, while the element of fun is continued with a charming bird print hung on the wall above.

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