How to craft a stylish wall clock

Get a modern look for less with this easy make

Add a focal point to your space with a statement wall clock. Transform cardboard tubes into this fun flower shape and mount on the wall for a unique piece that is sure to impress!

You will need:
Cardboardtubes, £2 for 10, Hobbycraft Ruler
Pencil Craft knife & cutting mat Glue gun Black fast-dry enamel spray paint, £3.99 for 100ml, Plasti-kote Black card Scissors & tape Clock movement, £3.80, Clockparts

Step onePress the cardboard tubes flat and draw lines at 2cm intervals along the width of each. Place on a cutting mat and cut with a craft knife. Arrange six pieces into a flower shape with a hole in the centre. Glue together and add more pieces to form a large flower.

Step two
Spray the cardboard flower with two coats of black paint, leaving to dry between each one. Repeat on the other side. Use a pint glass to cut out a circular piece of black card and make a 3mm hole in the centre with a sharp pencil.

Step three
Glue the card to the flower centre. Push the spindle of the clock motor through the hole to the front, taping in place at the back. Fix the hands to the spindle and connect the motor.

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