How to give a sideboard an Art Deco makeover – get a glamorous look for less than £20

Add Gatsby glamour to a preloved piece of furniture
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  • Give an old piece of furniture a new dose of razzle dazzle with this Art Deco inspired upcycle project. Known for its glitz and glamour, the roaring ‘20s have influenced countless movies and the era is the perfect inspiration for creating show-stopping home décor.

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    Furniture Choice has come up with this ultra chic sideboard makeover using elegant scallop motif stencils and glittering gold spray paint. It’s a super cheap way to give a preloved piece of furniture a boost and will cost you less than £20. Instagram at the ready!

    How to give a sideboard an Art Deco makeover

    What you’ll need


    Image credit: Furniture Choice

    Gold spray paint
    White furniture paint
    Small paint roller
    Scallop stencil

    1. Paint the sideboard

    Detach the doors and feet from the sideboard and put to one side. Paint the sideboard white using furniture paint and a paint roller. The paint roller will achieve a more even finish than a brush.

    2. Paint the doors


    Image credit: Furniture Choice

    The next step is to move on to the doors. Remove the handles, then paint in the same shade as the sideboard.

    3. Add the stencil


    Image credit: Furniture Choice

    Align the stencil on the surface of the door and temporary fix with a spray mount to keep it in place. Don’t worry, it won’t leave any marks behind once it’s removed.

    Once you’re happy with the placement, spray with gold spray paint. Once this is dry, remove the stencil and carefully line it up aginst the edge of a completed pattern. Spray again, the continue in the same way until both doors are covered.

    4. Paint the feet

    Image credit: Furniture Choice

    Paint the feet of the sideboard in the same gold colour. Don’t worry if your sideboard doesn’t come with visible feet or legs.

    5. Coat with varnish

    Image credit: Furniture Choice

    Finish the sideboard, including the doors, with a coat of clear varnish to protect it against surface damage.

    6. Put the doors and feet back on

    Image credit: Furniture Choice

    Reattach the doors and feet to your sideboard. If you like, you can add different door handles or knobs, or paint the existing ones to match.

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    Style your dazzling new sideboard with vintage-style accessories for full-on Gatsby glamour.

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