How to make a cake stand

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    Need some inspiration to get into the kitchen? From fancy paper cases and giant cake moulds to pretty display ideas, we can’t get enough of the cupcake revolution. Our decorative cake stand is just the thing to display your proudest domestic goddess results – and is easier to make than, dare we say it, a cupcake.

    1 hour


    What you’ll need
    * A2 piece of foam board (5mm), £4.59, Ryman
    * Marker pen
    * Craft knife
    * Scissors
    * Cutting mat
    * 1 sheet each of Nouveau (Pink) and Indian Summer gift wrap, £1.50 per sheet, Oliver Bonas
    * Glue stick
    * Blue and Red Cross Japanese masking tape, £5.95 for two rolls, Papermash
    * Ruler
    * Superglue

    Once you’ve mastered the basic construction, try adding fancy scrolls to your base pieces.

    Step-by-step guide

    Cut out foam board and wrap.

    1) Draw around a dinner and side plate
    on the foam board and cut out. Draw around each plate on the pink wrap
    and cut out. Then cut the same from the second wrap. Glue onto your foam
    circles. From the remaining foam board, cut two rectangles 18cm x 5cm
    and two 15cm x 10cm.

    Apply masking tape.

    2) Cover the raw edges of the circles with Japanese masking tape, using a fingertip to push the tape flat.

    Assemble cake stand.

    3) Mark the middle of each long edge of your four base pieces and cut a slit 2.5cm x 0.5cm. Cover with wrapping paper,
    using one pattern for each side. Tape the raw edges as before, then
    slot together. Superglue the shorter cross to the centre of the bottom
    of your larger circle and the taller cross to the centre of the bottom
    of the smaller circle. Then glue the taller cross to the centre of the
    top of the bigger circle.

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