How to make a decorative mirror

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    Decorative mirrors
    can give your room a big style hit and, if you love Rococo-inspired designs but not their price tag, why not transform an old mirror with plaster shapes? Dig out that tin of white paint from the back of your shed and spend an afternoon casting mouldings – it’s that easy!

    Takes 2 hours + drying time

    Costs £15.80

    What you’ll need

    Masking tape


    Aurora mirror (28cm x 35.5cm), £6, Wilkinson

    White satinwood paint


    Gedeo Light Plaster, £3 for 1kg, Fred Aldous

    Gedeo Acanthus Mould, £6.80, Jackson’s Art Supplies

    Strong glue

    1 Mask off or carefully take out the mirror from your frame. Lightly sand the frame and wipe clean with a damp cloth. Apply two coats of the satinwood, allowing them to dry between each one. Peel off the tape if you used it.

    2 Mix up the plaster using one part water to 1.5 parts plaster. Pour into the mould and leave to set for 30 min before carefully pressing out. Repeat to make enough shapes to decorate your frame. Paint the shapes with a coat of satinwood and leave to dry.

    3 Position your plaster shapes around your frame and, once happy with the spacing, glue in place. Leave to set, then pop the mirror glass back in if you’d removed it and prop up your mirror where it can be admired. If you’re planning a glamorous bedroom scheme, this mirror would make a fantastic focal point.

    Why not add highlights by rubbing a little gilding paste to your scroll shapes?

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