How to make a patchwork tablecloth

Sew a patchwork tablecloth with these simple step-by-step instructions from Country Homes & Interiors

Sew together your favourite fabrics to create this stylish patchwork tablecloth.

You will need

• Fabric – we used a selection from Ian Mankin

• Complementary thread

• Pinking shears

• Pins

Step 1) To make, use pinking shears to cut the fabric up into squares. Ours measured approximately 40cm square. If desired, overlock the edges on a sewing machine for neatness.

Step 2) Pin the squares together, end to end and wrong sides uppermost, in a line taking 1cm seams until the desired length is reached to cover the table. Sew together.

Step 3) Repeat and make another length. Pin the two lengths together, along the long edge, right sides facing, again taking a 1cm seam. Sew together.

Step 4) Repeat step 3 until the desired width is reached to cover the table.

Step 5) To finish, hem around the edge by folding the fabric over twice on the underside to create a neat 1cm double hem. Pin in place and machine stitch. Iron for neatness.

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