Make a gorgeous statement cushion

Give a room an instant lift by sewing this stunning cushion design

Starburst pillow

You will need:
• Envelope cushion fabric pieces and pad
• 17 large shell buttons
• 20 small shell buttons
• Fabric pen

How to do it
1) Lay what will be the front of your cushion flat and decide where you want your starburst. If, like ours, you want a corner position, place one large button 15cm in from the side and top – this will be your centre button.

2) Mark the position with a fabric pen, then use a ruler and the pen to mark the position of the small buttons – five each out to the top, bottom and sides, forming a cross. Then do the same for the large buttons – diagonally in rows of four out from the centre point. Sew on the buttons and finish making the cushion.

OR TRY sewing buttons as a border, 3cm in from the edge.

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